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Happy Halloween! (it was)

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It was the coldest Halloween we’ve had in years, but it went off (pretty much) without a hitch. Lucy was crabby that she had to wear pants under her Tinkerbell costume, (but felt better wearing her rain boots and winter hat that is covered in peace signs). Bud, who was recovering from H1N1, tired quickly. I dug out an old costume for my niece, Sam, whose did not have one. And Liv? Well, she was the happiest baby in town! Maybe it’s a fluke, but her surgery has really seemed tom make a difference. Just look at that face!!

We got a ton of candy, and the kids had a fantastic time. Liv was thrilled to be part of what the big kids were doing, until she tripped on her dress and smashed her nose in to someone’s porch. We saw many of Bud’s school friends, who were thrilled that he was out and feeling better. Lucy took inventory of all of her candy, which was crazy funny. After every house she said “Mama, look! I got some M&M’s!” and so on. And like I said, Bud tired quickly, but he was a good sport. Hub and I had a great time following behind him because his costume, which was the same he wore last year (his choice) was a bit tight, especially with the sweats I made him wear underneath for warmth. His pants bell bottomed out a bit at the bottom. Hub kept making comments like “Abba called, they want their outfit back”.

I was happy to be out with my kiddos. And to be wearing my new Ugg boots. (that shipped from China, but that is a story for another day)

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  1. They're so cute! And Uggs are the perfect shoe to wear while taking your kids trick-or-treating.Glad everyone seems to be feeling better!

  2. They look great! It was pretty cold here too – my kids looked a little jammed into their costumes. We were just happy it wasn't pouring rain as it had been earlier in the day.

  3. I can't believe your little bit is, like standing up! With the big kids!Holy moly, where does the time go?

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