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It’s funny, this job; the job of raising a family. I don’t mean funny/weird, I really mean funny. We went to The Taste of Buffalo last weekend and before we left, I was telling Eddie where we were going. “We go to Taste of Buffalo Mommy?” Yep! “We gonna eat the buffalo Mommy?” No, we’re not eating buffalo. “We just lick them?” I nearly died laughing, and have been telling the story constantly since then. The way that his mind works amazes me. I just love his thought process. I’m not sure what we ever did for entertainment before we had kids, but I am more entertained now than I’ve ever been in my life.

Good news- Eddie has gone on the potty 5 whole times now!! We’re very successful if we put him on right before his bath while the water is running. Two times ago, he thought he was just ‘tooting’ and actually pooped. He was so excited to see his ‘toots’ in the potty. There was no explaining to him that even though he thought he was just tooting that poop came out. Now he thinks he gets a sticker if he farts while sitting on the toilet.

Caitlyn is just being Caitlyn. When we put her in the pool outside, her main goal is to get out and power-crawl down the driveway. There seems to be some sort of game that I’m unaware of, where you stuff as many driveway stones in your mouth as you can in as little time as possible, while a frantic Mommy runs after you. I wonder if she learned it at daycare. She still refuses to walk-crawling is just faster. Her favorite word is still “EDDIE!!” Oh, and still with only 2 teeth, she is boycotting all forms of baby food. I have my work cut out for me with this one.

There isn’t a whole lot more going on. It seems like the summer is almost over without ever really beginning. Before we know it, we’ll be in winter coats and hats. Time sure does fly!

P.S. Here is a picture of Ed and me from my high school reunion. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!!!

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