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Ok, I realize that this could totally be a fluke, but I find it to be quite amazing.

I went to the store last night to grab a few things, and when I got home, Ed had Caitlyn in the bedroom, changing her diaper. (no, that’s not the amazing part…haha) He said her diaper was dry, but that she was grabbing at it and saying something which he interpreted to mean diaper. So he put a clean diaper on her and we put her in her pajamas.

A little while later, she was grabbing at her diaper again saying the mystery word that Ed thought meant diaper, and tried to pull down her pants. “Pa-eee? Pa-eee?” She said POTTY! I never in a million years thought she knew what she was talking about, but I decided to take her in the bathroom anyway. What could it hurt?

I got out Eddie’s retired potty seat and sat her on it. She freaked out hard core-I guess she was afraid to sit on the toilet. I set her down to put the seat away, and before I could get her diaper on, she peed all over the floor. I think she actually knew that she had to pee.

I’m sure that since I’m discussing it, and am actually excited about it, she won’t be potty trained until she’s 4….but seriously, how cool would it be if she were potty trained at 18 months?

In other news, Ed went on a sales call at Bob Evan’s today, and when he asked to speak to the manager, out came my ex-boyfriend. He’s the assistant manager. He and Ed were talking and the guy was like “I know you from somewhere…… Ed goes “yeah, I’m Sara G…’s husband. The guy paused and said, “So how are YOU doing”?


Not a whole lot else is new. I’m going home soon. I worked out really hard today, and I’m already sore. Ed is working in the AM so I can’t go tomorrow, which means I can sleep in a little bit. I had 2 late nights this weekend and was up early both days. I hate being old.

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  1. Hey, I say if she wants to pee on the potty, roll with it baby! My 5 year old son did pretty well, and it really didn’t take that long, but he STILL wears a pull up to bed every night and 99.999999% of the time it is SOAKED in the morning. I even got those “feel and learn” pampers – supposed to wake them up when they feel wet? Not my boy, oh no. Good luck with it, and congrats on the “rack of booze!” you may need it, no?

  2. I definitely need it…lol. Eddie can’t stay dry thru the night to save his life either. But he’s great during the day!

  3. re: your comment over at my blog -Thanks, that is very sweet. I think sometimes I’d rather trade in my wings for a few of those late nights out – with friends, with my husband, or hey, just alone! I am truly grateful that my husband is supporting my work. He retires in September after 21 years with the Navy, and we will need my insurance, so he really has no choice. OK, yes he does have a choice and I’m glad he chooses to take care of Ben – even if his brand of care differs wildly from mine.


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