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In my mind, today is still the weekend. It’s still the weekend even though I’m at work (on a bank holiday) and am getting slammed. In my mind, I haven’t gorged myself on doughnuts or drunk almost half of a “Box O’Joe”. I’m home and toasty with my kids, admiring the near foot of snow in our yard. Maybe even playing in the snow again today like we did for an entire 30 minutes yesterday.

I am actually at work though. Our call volumes have been horrendous, so we’ve been open for the past 2 holidays. There’s actually a lull in activity right now, and I need a minute away from it all. It’s been crazy.

We had a wonderful weekend, Saturday being a lazy day where nothing got done. The kids both have colds, again, and weren’t feeling so well. Ed worked and the three of us laid around. The kids (and I actually) stayed in their jammies all day. Ed came home just in time for their nap, and he and I napped as well. The kids slept almost 3 hours and Ed got up at some point, but I passed out cold, and slept until Caitlyn woke up. Eddie slept so soundly that he peed in his pants (“I’m soaked and wet Mommy” …not soaking wet.  ) I was actually out of it the rest of the night, being thrown off from sleeping. Ed went back to work and I didn’t make it up much longer than the kids.

Yesterday, we played in the snow. We were out for all of half an hour, but it seemed like an eternity. The kids had a really good time, and once again, Eddie took a really long nap. Caitlyn, not so much, but I didn’t sleep so it was ok. I actually finally took care of my salt and pepper roots, that I don’t think a 28-year-old should have. But anyway… I clipped coupons and cleaned up around the house a bit. We ordered chicken for dinner and watched NASCAR. Ed left for work again around 6:30. I bathed the kids, and got them in bed. Caitlyn threw a huge temper tantrum. That girl, I’m telling you. She begs me to sit on the potty, but then won’t sit on it. Then she screams when I put her diaper on. She’s started slapping my arm when she doesn’t like something. She’s trying my patience. I didn’t get Eddie in bed until 9:00 and I watched Desperate Housewives. After feeding the cats and shutting down the house, I went in to check on them both. Caitlyn was sound asleep, but Eddie rolled over to look at me. I asked him if he was ok. “Yes”, he said, “But my feelings hurt.” Of course, I brought him in to bed with me. He just melts my heart sometimes.

So, overall, it was a very ordinary weekend. Here are some of our snowy…and not so snowy pictures.

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  1. Sara, don’t feel bad, Ben took Sponge-Bob Valentine’s to school! These were made for my own enjoyment. Last year when Ben was 4, I tried to get him to make cards for the other kids at day care. They were along the lines of AlphaDogMa’s – glitter EVERYWHERE. He did have fun, though… PS – love the photos!

  2. save those pictures. no matter what you do. I’m creeping into my mid 30’s now, and looking at those pictures is like looking into my own childhood. I love looking at those old 4 inch square prints of my brother, sister, and I stumbling around in snow up to our necks wearing goofy snowsuits, covered in that weird mixture of snot and ice that would build up around my face. That’s great stuff. the pictures, I mean, not the buildup.

  3. Well snot buildup is ok too. 🙂


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