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I’ve been quiet, I know. I’ve actually been crazy sick since last Friday, with tonsillitis. I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and was advised that I should probably see someone about taking my tonsils out. (yeah, that’s not happening) Ironically, Ed had his tonsils out on Wednesday. Actually, it was his tonsils, adenoids and they re-sculpted the roof of his mouth and removed his uvula. Yuck. He was doing really well up until last night- eating, talking etc. All of the sudden though, he started feeling horrible, the pain killer wasn’t working and he started swelling some more. I think the good stuff from the hospital finally wore off. Today, he is worse then yesterday, and I don’t know what the weekend will bring.

The surgery itself went really well. My mother-in-law drove me nuts, but the surgery went well. She showed up late, played the “doting mother” and then slept in the waiting room the whole time with her winter glove over her eyes. She got pissed when Ed was in recovery, and they would only let me back there. (He needed help getting dressed) So now here’s the kicker. I sent her, along with Ed’s scripts, and my VISA which is linked to my healthcare account to target to get everything filled while I took Ed home and got him settled. We were home for a full 45 minutes before she got back to our house, and when she did come back, she had a horrible look on her face. I asked he what was the matter, and she told me that she lost my card. I asked her to repeat herself, and she said it again. She lost my card. She said she must have flipped it out of her purse when she took the scripts out. She ended up paying for the meds out of her pocket. I am not paying her back. I don’t know how something like that could happen. Anyway, it was cancelled and no extra charges were made. I just need to wait for the new one now. Irritating.

I’ve slept like crap the last few nights and am really beat right now. I could curl up under my desk.

Not much else going on. Eddie has been obsessed with “The Tigger Movie” and watching it at least once a day. Caitlyn has been playing with her baby more and more, wrapping her in her blanket and telling us all to “shhh” as she rocks her. It’s really cute.

I have my bowl-a-thon tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Yippee! Go Junior Achievement!

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  1. I read posts about mother’s-in-law and am soooooo glad that we are a thousand miles away from mine. I actually love her to death, but I don’t know if it would be so great if we lived closer. Hope you and Eddie are feeling better soon. Will you be able to get a nap? Or to bed early?


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