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I have to wonder if Subway saves money by only giving you one napkin in that plastic bag they put your sandwich in. They must, judging by the looks they give you if you (heaven forbid) ask for some extras. You really have to wonder. I’m making a mental note to ask my little brother, who is a faithful Subway employee.

So anyway, hello. It’s Tuesday. It still feels like Monday though, or maybe even like it’s last Friday still. I’m in a fog. Caitlyn caught a nasty cold and I’ve been up with her all night, every night since Saturday. Does anyone else wonder why their kids are fine during the day, but seem to be on the brink of death after sundown? I suspect it’s some sort of phenomenon. Out of nowhere last night, Eddie decided that he was also sick. I had no sooner settled down with my Lean Cuisine, glass of chardonnay and TiVo remote than he began screaming that he doesn’t feel good, and need to sleep with me. So, I gorged and guzzled, and settled in to my bed with him, to fall blissfully asleep while watching “Dancing with the Stars”. In case you’re wondering, blissfully asleep means Eddie’s face and sick-o-breath right in my face and an obscene amount of snorting and sniffing with the occasional cough. Cait was up screaming at 2:00, asking for, of all things, a bottle which she hasn’t had in quite some time. I made it for her. I though, “screw all that we’ve worked for, I am way too tired for this.” She went back to sleep, but didn’t touch the bottle, so I wasted 6oz of milk. It was worth it for the fact that both kids were sleeping. I moved Eddie to his bed and settled in to sleep by myself for a while. All was peaceful until 4:45, when somehow, both kids were up screaming again. Cait went back to be easily, while Eddie came back to bed with me. I had even less room this time, since Ed had come home from work by now. In short (ok, in way too long….) I’m really tired.

I spent a lot of time today reading here which is a hysterical debate over tampons/pads vs. “The DivaCup” or “The Keeper”. Very amusing, and for what it’s worth I don’t think that I would use either of the “newfangled” collection cups. Disgusting. This was really one of the funniest threads I’ve read in a long time.

Nothing else is really going on. Ed has recovered nicely from his tonsillectomy. There were a few rough spots, but he did really well. I injured my wrist quite badly this weekend while lifting a box of tray tables at my sister-in-law’s shower. It’s not the bone, but I think I have some deep muscle thing going on. It’s freaking killing me. And I’m scheduled to get this stoooopid temporary crown off on Thursday, and get the real ceramic version installed, so I’m VERY excited. Especially since the temporary actually has a hole in it. They weren’t kidding when they said temporary.

I’m pretty sure I’ve griped enough for the day, so I’m going to get back to work on building a whole new list of issues to gripe about tomorrow.

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  1. Aack! I need to go back to the dentist, most likely for a crown. I know the tooth is cracked because the dentist himself told me so – I just opted for a filling rather than a crown (which he told me sometimes works just fine.) It didn’t. I still can’t chew on the right side.

  2. yeah, good luck with that. It’s frickin miserable.

  3. Hey, wanna do a meme? I tagged you to do the 7 songs meme: list 7 songs that you are currently enjoying along with an audio or video clip link. No pressure, do it if you want to, or pass if you don’t.

  4. I just linked to your profile page and noticed that you listed Meatloaf under music you like: my two friends that did the lullaby cd (#7 on my meme) used to be back-up singers for him in the late 80’s – early 90’s!

  5. I worked at Taco Bell in my teens. We had a strict order from management: only 1 napkin per two items. Man, those things must embossed with gold!And good luck with the dentist. I had a root canal and seven cavities during my first pregnancy. NOT FUN. (At least my teeth have been pretty decent since then.)


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