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“Mommy I growed eyebrows!!!!” I heard this shrieked from Eddie’s bedroom last night. I took me a few seconds to realize what he was saying and by then he was running out of his room, fingers over eyebrows. “I growed them Mommy! Feel!!”

I tease him all the time because his eyebrows are so blonde you can’t see them. “Where are your eyebrows Eddie?” I guess he thought he didn’t really have any. Funny kid.

There isn’t a whole lot going on. I’ve been acquiring summer clothes for the kids and myself over the last week or so, and hope to make my final stop at Old Navy today. (This, of course, does not include the requisite shopping trips before I travel with work next month and before our planned summer vacation) I’m tying up loose ends at work since I am on vacation next week—WOOOOHOOOO!!! And don’t tell the bad mommy police, but Eddie and Caitlyn will be going to daycare Monday thru Wednesday while I’m off. I have to, um, clean. Seriously, I do, and Wednesday is Ed’s birthday. Why have a sitter in the evening when we can do lunch during the day-Casino buffet? Mmmmmmm. Also, Rosanne is having a purse party on Weds evening that I HAVE to go to.

Thursday and Friday we are going to the Indoor Water Park, Eddie’s potty training present, even though he’s been fully potty trained since December. We’re excited; it’s going to be a good time.

This coming Saturday we’re going to the Children’s museum with Marisa, George and Sophia so I’ll be sure to post pictures.

I guess there is a lot going on, huh?

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  1. You NEED to write a book or a short story or something! “Mommy, I Growed Eyebrows”, would be a great title to expand on! Give it some thought.

  2. Oh, I used to get a whole day off to clean before Ben started Kindergarten, now I get two or three! Do I clean… Did you clean?

  3. And don’t sweat the music meme, if you’d rather just do one, let me know. Or if you wnat to do both, (music and interview) let me know too.

  4. Well, i kind of cleaned….


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