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We found out last week that our daycare center is closing as of December 31st. Our center is a smaller offshoot of a local chain and they can not offer what their newer centers do. (The chain has been opening “state of the art” centers all over our area, so the real reason ours is closing is $$.) The kids were guaranteed a spot at their “BRAND NEW STATE OF THE ART CENTER” which opens in January and is where the entire staff is transferring to, but unfortunately, it is nowhere near our house or where I work and therefore is not an option.

This was extremely upsetting for me being that the kids have gone there since they were each 8 weeks old and Ed and I are both extremely comfortable with the staff and the care that they receive there. I don’t want to rehash everything I’ve been through since Thursday, but our saga has gone from changing centers in January, to changing in September, to what is actually happening which is changing centers on Monday, 8/20. This was the only way to guarantee a position at their other location that is just as close to our house. In other words, they won’t hold an open spot until January.

That being said, the kids move over next week and I am stuck filling out paperwork on their personalities as they have likely changed since the last time I filled the packets out when they were babies. They ask inane questions such as “what upsets your child?” and I’m tempted to answer “changing centers!” but I’m giving helpful answers instead. Have you ever tried putting your 2-year-old’s personality in to words? On paper? It’s not the easiest thing to do.

In any case, we toured the new center with the kids on Friday. Ed and I had been there before because this is originally where we wanted Eddie to go when he was a baby, but they were full-this is how we ended up at the smaller center. Both children were excited about the indoor playground and the huge playground and garden out back. They also get to choose between taking dance or tae kwon do as enrichment activities. Eddie was amazed by their computer room as well. He actually wanted to start going there today. As a bonus, he will be placed in the same room as his cousin Kayla, so there will be a familiar face, and we’re hoping that his best friend Emma will be there soon too. I’m worried about Caitlyn though, who has a hard time at drop off anyway. We haven’t heard yet that any of her friends are transferring. Next Monday is going to be a hard day all around.

The new center also comes at an increased cost, but starting in September, the kids will be home with Ed 2 days a week, so we will actually be saving money, just less than we would have if they were not moving.

It truly is a better equipped center and as far as programs go, the kids will be better off there. It is bittersweet though, leaving behind the teachers and aides who have been so good to them, and have loved them so much as well as the friends they have.

Kids are resilient. I just wish that I was.

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