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Ok, so did I scare anyone off with my enthusiasm for the sitemeter? I sure hope not. It’s just so darn cool. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon enough.

While the main reason I’m here is to tell you about Cait’s party and post some oh so cute photos of the birthday girl, I’m obliged to first share a video from the Kenny Rogers concert. Unfortunately, it is sideways, but you wouldn’t have been able to see him anyway. I guess it never occurred to me that you could not rotate a video in the same fashion as a photo. Anyhoo, heeeeeere’s KENNY!

Isn’t he dreamy? Even from there? (ok, so apparently, the video feature SUCKS!!)

Caitlyn had a great birthday party. My only regret is not taking a picture of the fruit salad I made. It was truly a work of art. It was beautiful day, and I’m pretty sure that everyone had a good time. The kids played on the playground and the boys played football. I got to see Marisa, George and Sophia. I thought that I had taken more pictures, but there’s really just a few. In no particular order, here are photos of Cait in her birthday crown, courtesy of my brother Matt, photos of her dipping her finger in to the cake, and photos of her in her new pink cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat, along with her new fall jacket. Yes, she was a happy girl. Everything she got was “I wear!!” I can’t wait until Christmas.

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