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There is just so much that I want to say today….SO MUCH! But the fact that I have a million things to do before vacation is leaving me a bit stifled. So here is what I’d like to talk about, in list form, that I may expand on this evening after the children go to bed.

1. Friday is my 5-year anniversary. 5 years. I went in to my old blog to see what I might have written that may be nice to copy over here….but there was nothing usable. The whole thing basically read “me me me….blablabla….the photographer insulted my parents….the reception kicked ass….and apparently everything made us ‘piss our pants’ ” I guess maturity at age 23 is not so much mature. I was looking for something with substance; something about how much I loved Ed and how happy I was to be his wife…..but there was nothing. I do love him though, and am so glad that we got married (and have now been together for 13 years) He is an amazing husband and father and tries so hard to make all of my dreams come true.

2. I become insane when vacation time rolls around. INSANE!!! Despite the ever-present state of disarray that my home is in, it before we leave for 6 days. I can’t have a mess hanging over us the whole time we’re gone. (I get this from my mother) I also make list on top of list on top of list, and I check them and double check them and triple check them before we go. I’m a nut job. If only I could apply such drive to my every day life.

3. Daycare is really PISSING me right off….she has overcharged us every week since we moved over, to the point where with our vacation days we are paid up through the end of next week. When I checked with her this morning, after having spoken with her about vacation time daily for the last week or so, she scratched her head and said “are you sure you had the vacation time to use?” and she’s lucky I didn’t jump over the counter and strangle her. Seriously. I told her hat nothing can come out of our account on Friday… questions asked. And I will remind her again when I pick the kids up this afternoon. And I will probably send her an email tonight. And Wednesday morning before we leave.

4. I’d really like to have time to do TFM’s Monday Mission today. It sounds very fun, and you know how I like to post pictures.

5. Ok, too much to do, I have to go!!!

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