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This week (so far) in review

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-Monday–sent kids to daycare and overhauled my living room. BONUS.
-Tuesday– spent entire day at Toronto Zoo and had a great time…until Caitlyn threw up all over herself, her car seat and the car while we were on the QEW and still more than an hour away from home.
-Tuesday night/Early Wednesday morning–up three times with puking toddler, wondering if I would be working today.
-6:30 Wednesday morning–Wake up to Eddie crying hysterically–he has a 101 temp.
-6:40 Caitlyn wakes up with 100 temp.
-6:45 I call in to work
-7:00 set up camp on the couch with both kids, we sleep until after 8
-8:15, 8:30, 8:45- Caitlyn throws up the little juice I could get her to drink and dry heaves quite a bit.
-8:50 I call daycare to say the kids won’t be in (goodbye $80)
-9:00 Eddie eats half a pop tart and decides he is up to going to the store with Grandpa.
-9:00-11:00 Caitlyn and I sleep on the couch—or Caitlyn sleeps and I watch A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby
-11:00- Caitlyn is sleeping deeply enough for me to lay her on the couch while I pee, make coffee, and toast. She wakes up to have a few bites and asks for her own. She eats half a piece with a tiny bit of juice. Lays on top of me for the next hour. 12:00- Eddie comes home pale and worn out….but Grandpa has bought him a belt and he’s excited. I convince both kids to lie down for naps.
2:00 Caitlyn wakes up hysterical but decides she likes being in her crib and goes back to sleep.
2:05 Eddie gets up…..with a 103 temp I wait a few minutes to see if he cools off as he wakes up, but his temp actually goes up. I pump him full of Motrin. He lays on top of me lethargic and listless, falling asleep and waking up for 2 hours.
4:00 We send Grandpa to the store for Cheese, Bread, Milk and of course, cookies. 4:00 Caitlyn wakes up and feels a bit better but will not drink
4:15 I pull out the big guns and offer her a juice box….an ELMO juice box and she takes me up on it.
4:30 Eddie asks for crackers and peanut butter and Cait wants some too. The each eat 2.
4:45 I finally load the dishwasher and Eddie eats a plain piece of bread. Then a cheese sandwich.
5:00 I’m passing out from hunger and I make myself grilled cheese and tomato soup. Caitlyn eats my whole sandwich and 2 crackers.
6:00 Both kids go outside with Grandpa and have now been out there for 50 minutes. 6:50 crossing my fingers….this just might be over.

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