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Things have been quiet here on the blog front, I know. It seems like everyone has enjoyed the video of Eddie and Caitlyn at the dinner table though. (Bah Bah BAAAAH!) It’s fun that I can put stuff like that in here and give people a feel for what typical life in our house is like………you know, 100% insane.

So what’s been going on?

• We spent the weekend rearranging the living room and bringing in the new furniture we bought. It looks amazing and I can’t even believe how much room we have in our living room now. I also spent some time at the mall on Saturday which was completely over-crowded because the Canadian dollar is matching ours now. Apparently shopping is a lot cheaper in the states. (There was an article in our newspaper comparing prices even though the $$ are worth the same. A trip to Starbucks in Canada runs about $10 where the average is about $6 here.) But anyway, based on the crowds, I’ll probably stay away from the mall on the weekends.
• Vitamin Water has been 10 for $10 at our supermarket this week. YUMM-O
• My team got me an amazing boss’s day gift—a basket with Tim Horton’s coffee, travel mug, gift certificates for Tim Horton’s, wine, chocolates and nuts. They didn’t want to give me 2 gifts in one day so we are celebrating my birthday tomorrow. Lucky me!
• My boss got me a gift card to NY & CO, socks and a necklace for my birthday. Again, lucky me!
• My husband bought me an iPod. I’m returning it. It’s trendy and pink, but I wanted one with a display screen. I can’t even say it was a nice thought because he asked me on Saturday what I even wanted (you know, the day before my birthday). First off, I sent him this on the same day I posted it. Secondly I’ve been dropping the iPod hints for AGES. He gets bonus points for getting up with the kids and taking them out so that I could sleep in—that was great. I don’t even want extravagant gifts or anything like that, but I want what I get to mean something. I plan his gifts out months in advance……I’m beating a dead horse here.
• We did have a nice time at the pumpkin farm on my birthday though. We ended up buying our pumpkins at a roadside stand though because they were picked over and crappy at the farm. The kids really enjoyed the corn maze and hay ride. Last year they had a pumpkin cookie with chocolate chips in it, and they did not this year. It was to die for and I was :SO: disappointed.
• I have way to much work to do to be writing this right now. My head is killing me though and I think it will EXPLODE if I look at another report.
• We’re having a potluck at work tomorrow and I have to make lazy pirogue tonight—which means a trip to the grocery store with the kids since Ed will be in Albany. Maybe we’ll go to Super Target where I can occupy them with pop and popcorn. Probably not though because I don’t think I can get an onion there.

Ok, well 2 hours of work to go. I should probably do some actual work.

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