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Thought of the Day: So I guess all of the reading and commenting on blogs all day long hard work finally paid off. I was named an Assistant Vice President yesterday. I feel like such a BIG SHOT!!

I’ll have to admit that when I started here, nearly 8 years ago, I did not intend for this to be a long term job. At the time, I needed to get out of hell at Blockbuster, and my godmother was constantly telling me that I should apply here; she could get me in. When I finally reached my breaking point at BBV, I dropped off my resume here and the rest is pretty much history.

I started as a call center agent, answering inquiries from customer about there mortgage and my shift was 12:15 to 9:00 PM. This wasn’t really a bad thing at the time—I was 21, not married, no kids and having such a late start allowed me to stay out until all hours of the morning and still respectfully drag my sorry butt in to work the next day (somewhat anyway). 8 months in to the job I was promoted to an escalations associate and began handling supervisor calls and escalations. I was in that position for 2 years and was working days before being promoted to management and going back on the 12:15-9 shift. Once again though, the shift came at a good time; I was about 7 months pregnant with Eddie and could use the extra sleep. I started by managing a general team which handled general inquiries, before moving to manage a team who handled our high profile customers and later managed a sales team over the course of a year and a half. In March of 2005, while pregnant with Caitlyn, I took my current job of managing escalation associates, which I have detailed here.

For not intending to keep this job, I sure have come a long way. And for someone like me, who is a known slacker, this is a big deal.

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