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Thought of the Day: Friday—why did it take you so long to get here??????

I feel like I could die, I’m so tired. This cough/cold combo just will not quit. I realized last night that I had cough syrup with codeine left over from last year that I’d never even touched. Sadly, it barely touched the cough, but at least it kept me groggy enough to not really care that I was up all night coughing.

I had my annual OBGYN visit today which was a real hoot. Well ok, that was sarcasm, but it was pretty uneventful. I’m at a quandary because I really like the practice, but the midwife, Wendy, who I actually followed there from my old OBGYN, has left. Wendy is my all time favorite midwife, but I also love the main Dr. at this practice and the other midwife she has on staff is ok, in a jolly old lady sort of way. (Unless you’re waking her at 3:00AM to tell her you’re in labor…then she’ll tell you it may not be labor and to take your time getting to the hospital and be a bit cranky about it. Then she’ll show up just as your baby is CROWNING……) Anyway, I could go off and find Wendy or just stay put. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I’m leaning toward staying with the practice. Like I said though, the visit itself was uneventful; they are refusing to put me on the pill, to Ed’s delight, until I have my next round of blood work and ultrasound for my thyroid. Midwife suggested taking 3000 mg of Vitamin C during my period to ease it up a bit. We’ll see if the natural crap works for a while.

Work has been busy the last few days and I have not had time to read or comment at a lot of blogs. I’m hoping to catch up this weekend.

Not much else to report, about 30 minutes before I go home, so I should at least make my desk not look like it’s been hit by a tornado. (I initially wrote “tomato” instead of “tornado” and burst in to hysterical laughter.)

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