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Well, Shannon tagged me for this MEME and I am super bored just trying to finish my shift at work, so here it goes. Things that make me suspicious, or in Shannon’s words,

Thanks that make me go hmmm….

• The properties of gelatin. Things that congeal totally freak me out. Like spam. Or that fat layer on top of the gravy when it cools.
• Obviously, children who are much too quiet.
• The fact that my local radio station is playing reggae music every morning when my alarm goes off. What are they trying to tell me???
• When my satellite radio craps out, and then kicks back in several minutes later……it still plays the same song even thought the station and my display have long since changed to a new song. There may be Martians in my radio.
• My snails being on top of each other make me VEEEEERY suspicious.
• Anyone who says “Hey! Smell this!”
• My neighbors across the street—I’m pretty sure they are trafficking drugs.

A funny side note, my father-in-law is extremely suspicious of our mailman. If he doesn’t deliver enough mail, it’s because he has a girlfriend down the street or because he has some sort of hidden agenda. If he delivers too much mail it’s because he was stockpiling it so he could deliver it all in one day. If he delivers it early, again with the girlfriend down the street.

What makes you go hmmm?

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