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Accentuate the Positive

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SO, I was a giant bag of sunshine yesterday, right? I know- I actually am miserable. My belly is getting big thanks to third baby syndrome, and also my belly always being noticeable by the time I am 4 months along. Today, I am going to focus on the positive. Yes. Good thoughts.

1. My hair really is awesome right now; healthy, long and luxurious.
2. My boobs—-they are SMOKIN!
3. I finally put the new Matchbox 20 CD I got for Christmas in my car and rocked out on my way in to work this morning. It is a really good CD.
4. My new Sirius radio arrived yesterday, so as of tomorrow, I will be reunited with Howard Stern.
5. I am no longer nauseous 24/7
6. My kids—are awesome. CA is telling everyone we are having a baby sister and “her name is Nanna.” ED still insists it is a boy named Matthew. CA said she will rub the baby’s back to help it go to sleep at night. ED wants to give it lots of kisses.
7. I can feel this baby poking me ever so gently and doing a little dance. I like the reminder that s/he is in there
8. Work is busy and crazy, but I feel needed and useful. I actually didn’t log in and check my email and Blogs 150 times yesterday. I didn’t even have much time for commenting.
9. I told my boss’s boss’s admin that I was expecting yesterday. When she heard that it was my 3rd she asked if I wasn’t a bit young to have 3 kids. She thought I was about 20! I am going to send her flowers.
10. Hub and I were talking about the bedding we bought for the baby and I mentioned that I think it’s nice that in the sea of hand-me-downs s/he will have something that was only theirs. Hub looked at me and said “You know we are spoiling this baby, right?” I do.
11. Tomorrow, I will be 14 weeks along and by the end of this month; the baby will be a whopping 7 inches long. I also have 1 month and 2 days before we find out what we are having. YAY!

In non positive news, ED, who was fine when I left started crying hysterically to Hub that his throat hurt at breakfast this morning. It is bright red, so off to the doctor he goes. My poor honey. I know he is ok at home with Hub, but I wish I was home with him. I kind of regret waking him up last night in an attempt to get him to stay dry through the night. (he still wet the bed twice.) Poor baby.

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  1. Your whole family is so cute. I love number 10. And also number 6.I hope ED feels better soon!

  2. Oh oh, good list. #5 makes EVERYTHING better! Yeah for that!

  3. Congrats on the end of morning sickness!

  4. I loved my pregnancy hair and boobs too! CA and ED are so cute!

  5. If someone thought I was 20 I’d give them a big French kiss!

  6. Shelly– I KNOW, RIGHT!!!

  7. I love this stage of baby movements- so light, like a sweet little butterfly in your tummy. Enjoy it! (‘Cause you know soon is the giant rolls that you can see under your skin and the butt wedged up under your ribs… Whoops, you were trying to be positive. Sorry!)

  8. All Right for the awesome hair and smokin’ boobs!Wish my hair was awesome. I got a weird cut and it is growing out funny. Wish my boobs were smokin’. Lack of gestation/nursing makes them look like banana peels with the bananas all gone.Bummer.


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