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1. 3 weeks from today, I go back to work. On one hand, YAY!!! On the other….FAHK. Thinking of getting three kids out of the house in the morning frightens me to no end. Also, daycare can not take Liv until the end of October. So, double FAHK.
2. It was an interesting 5 days without Hub to say the least. The kids know I am not the disciplinarian, but for the most part were pretty good. The worst part of his whole trip was me having to handle his business. Calling stores to schedule cleaning?? Doing his banking??? Severe nervous tummy. And aren’t I on Maternity Leave? Here, I am not.
3. The kids and I spent Saturday evening with my parents. I have a whole post up in my head about my mother. And disappointment. And I’m afraid that typing it out instead of internalizing it will make my feelings too real. So, I don’t know, maybe coming soon? I don’t know if I have it in me. The visit was good though, the kids enjoyed their time there.
4. I had my post-partum checkup last week and all is well. I have to go back to get the Mirena. My fear? Having it puncture my uterus, which happens like, one in a million times. But still. I could be the one.
5. I am considering ending breast feeding. The baby is a piranha. I’m trying, and have been for more than a week hoping she’ll work out the nipple-shearing behavior. I am committed to pumping for as long as I can though.
6. I feel like I am losing readers due to my lack of commenting. Which actually sucks. So if you’re skimming, let me know you’re still here, kay? I am religiously skimming all of your blogs. ALL of them.
7. I took the kids in to work on Thursday to visit, which was nice. Until Lucy pulled down her shirt and flashed my entire department. I suppose it could be worse though, she could have pulled MY shirt down.
8. Speaking of Lucy, she starts her new gymnastics class this week, the one where I am supposed to drop her off and go on my merry way. Not sure how I feel about that. But she missed it so much over the summer, and when given the option for dance, Tae Kwon Do or gymnastics, she picked gymnastics.
9. I have a million things to do before Hub gets home, which include calling a restaurant manager and cleaning up so he doesn’t think we lived like pigs while he was gone.
10. So off I go….Kthanksbai!

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  1. Still reading! Just not a lot of time to comment on this end either. Good luck with the breastfeeding. And I hope you enjoy your last week of maternity leave!

  2. I can’t believe you’re already having to think about back to work. Don’t worry about the commenting thing… everyone understands how busy you are!

  3. 1. Wow, doesn’t seem like it should be that near.2. Glad it went OK. I can’t believe you aren’t more stressed. Gah!3. Hmm, well, I’ll raed if you write it.4. Good luck with the IUD. No advice, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.5. Yikes that does sound rough. I found it harder to do pumping and bottle feedings. Took up too much time for me. But I know some people don’t mind.6. My readership has been low lately too. But so has my posting. I’m coming around though…2 posts already today.Good luck getting everything done. 😉

  4. I’m still here, too. Like you could get rid of me that easily. HA! Think again, honey.

  5. I’m here. Don’t worry I’ll still be here! 🙂

  6. Still reading! But not as much time to post now that I’ve kicked up the job search. I had a big TALK with my hubs when I had to go back to work after baby #3. And it did work–for a while. He did help out, um, MORE than he had before. Then I look at how my life was one year later, and it was as if he were a “Ghost Dad.” How the heck did I let things like that slide back?? What a dummy!I didn’t mind pumping at work. It forced me to leave my desk 2-3 times a day which I NEVER did when I wasn’t pumping. My readership is most definitely low. I don’t post as often. I think I’ve been too down in the dumps about going back to work–and I don’t want to post the sad stuff. Well, I DO, but mine’s a family blog, so I don’t want the folks at home to know just how down I’ve been lately…. So, I’ll just throw it into a five-mile comment onto YOUR blog! heh!Anyway, I know it’s hard. Keep your wits about you!

  7. Mirena is awesome and you will love it. I am a total Mirena cheerleader. Do you know that it is more effective than a vasectomy. Um, total yay, right? It’s gonna be FINE.Oh, and I am so loving you calling Olivia, Liv. LOVE IT. Nickname for the pseudonym! I have complete faith in you and the three kid dealie. Of course, in your shoes, I would expect an adjustment period. But in the end?It is going to work out fine.

  8. “Liv” is so cute, it makes me wish you’d named her Olivia, almost! Except that I love her real name so much.

  9. As you know, I’ve been reading. No amount of not commenting on your part could drive me away!

  10. We’re still here; do what you need to do!

  11. I hope you enjoy your last bit of maternity leave. Definitely better that she pulled down her shirt than yours!

  12. I’m still here! Just feeling blah, and mostly skimming without commenting. Sorry.

  13. Oh, sorry! I’m a skimmer. I usually “catch up” on a semi-infrequent basis. Pirana babies are no good when it comes to breastfeeding. Whatever gets you through, okay? And getting ONE child off to daycare is a struggle enough, but 3?!?!? You have ovaries of steel.


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