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Friday Free For All!

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This whole week has pretty much been a free-for-all, huh? Maybe I’ll be more structured next week.

• It is probably a good thing that there were no video cameras at daycare when Bud was a baby. I would most definitely be a SAHM. I am obsessed with what they are (or aren’t as the case may be) doing with Liv. I had a long talk with the center director on Wednesday about what I expect. I don’t feel like my baby should be more important to them than any other baby, but I feel like since she is incredible laid back and happy (easy) they’ll leave her in the swing for 3 hours. She’s not complaining, right? Well I am. I was screaming at my computer screen the other morning “ENGAGE HER FOR CHRISSAKES!!!” I’m close to just pulling her out of there. The big kids need to be there to learn. She does not. And I’m not even saying anything bad about the daycare per se, because they really are great. I just don’t know.
• I was thinking that I feel more attached to Liv than I did with the other kids; that I have a harder time leaving her. But then I remembered coming home after Bud was born, and just holding him and sobbing for weeks on end before I finally felt better about leaving him. It wasn’t like that with Lucy. Maybe because her babyhood was so close to Bud’s? In any case, I miss this baby so fiercely throughout the day that it physically hurts sometimes. And when I finally get her, whether it’s a daycare day or a day she’s home with Hub, I just hold and snuggle her, and fight back the hysterical feelings.
• I think the term full time mom irritates me. Like someone said recently “I work here part time, because I’m a full time mom.” Guess what A-wipe? I’m still a mom while I’m at my desk. We are all full time moms.
• I mentioned a while ago that breastfeeding wasn’t going well this time. We worked through it and are still going strong. I’m glad.
• I feel like I need to clarify that Lucy’s favorite name “Loveline” is pronounced “Luv-a-leen”, not like Dr. Drew’s show. And we are not naming our dog that.
• The rotavirus vaccine causes the worst smelling baby poop and gas that I have ever encountered.
• I can’t stop saying “Joe Sixpack” and “Hockey Mom” in my very best Sarah Palin voice.
• I still hate my hair.
• I’m glad it’s autumn.

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  1. That “full-time mom” grates on my nerves too.

  2. I am enjoying picturing you screaming at your computer at work. 🙂 Hair pictures, please!!

  3. Isn’t it funny how the term full-time mom seems like a great big “DUH” but you never hear “full-time dad”.Oh god, I cannot even look at Palin now without seeing Tina Fey as her. In fact, I think Tina Fey is a better Palin then Palin is.

  4. Joe Sixpack!Hockey Mom!Someone shoot me. If we had been playing a drinking game to do shots on the word “Maverick”, someone would have had to cart me to the ER for alcohol poisoning before the first 10 minutes were up.Kill me.

  5. OMg – Joe Six Pack! I can’t get over it! Ha! The day care thing would irritate me. I’m glad they have cameras. I’m really not sure how I would do in a situation like that.

  6. I couldn’t handle the cameras. I would never get work done.Shelly! I agree! Tina Fey IS a better Palin than Palin.Let’s all vote for Tina Fey!

  7. I am a hockey mom, but I don’t go on national tv yakking about it. geez. 🙂 Oh I would say something at daycare (it’s just me though) because I would want more interaction. I wouldn’t be able to handle a webcam; I’d lose my marbles and never get anything done.Aren’t all parents full time parents? really?

  8. That would really bug me too. The easy kids totally get the short end of the stick. It’s an early lesson about how we should all be bitches to get what we want.


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