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Friday Free for All—Twitter MEME

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Well, Sarah over at No Whey, Mama tagged me for this Twitter meme, though I am not sure how it’s a Twitter meme anymore. The object is to share 6 things that people don’t know about you. I thought it would make great fodder for my Friday Free for All. I’m pretty open over here, but I’m sure I can think of a few things.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to chew gum. Love it. Even more though, I love crack my gum. Oh yeah, I’m obnoxious,
2. I have recently become obsessed with the Ford Flex . It’s so retro and cool. I want this car in one of those crazy metallic colors.
3. I majored in voice and music through high school and college (before I switched to business). Although it is speaking, I attribute my recording work here to what I learned in my studies. And though I don’t in any formal capacity any more, I really love to sing.
4. When I was a kid, I would constantly think about what I wished my name was. Top contenders were: Juana, Andra, and Constance. I’m ok with Sara now though.
5. My BFF and I probably spent 18 hours a week at the mall when we were in middle and high school. We were constantly getting guy’s #’s. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of my girls behaving that way. Positively sick.
6. We are planning on going to Disney this spring and I am more excited than a little kid about it. Hub and I have never been and we can’t wait to take the kids. So excited that if I think about it, I can’t sleep at night.

The rules are to tag 6 people and blah blah, but I’m not going to. If you haven’t done this, consider yourself tagged!!

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  1. Ooo, Disney! Fun! I am excited for photos already.

  2. I DON’T KNOW why it’s a Twitter meme! I just do what I’m told!

  3. I find it’s best not to think about the teenage years. I don’t know what I’ll do when they actually ARE teenagers. *gulp*

  4. I wanted to be named Stephanie. I thought that was the most beautiful name in the entire world.

  5. I still dream about what it would be like to be Kate or Jill instead of Lori. Sigh.Your Disney plans are exciting! We’re planning a similar trip for a couple of years from now. We want Maggie to be old enough and Lisa to be young enough to enjoy it thoroughly!

  6. We are considering going to Disney this spring as well.The last time we went, Jelly Bean was about 6 months old. I got a really excellent book that helped a lot with the whole fiasco as well. It was entitled The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World. It was seriously helpful. I probably ‘studied’ for the trip more than I have for any other vacation ever.

  7. I’m a music snob. I find it absolutely necessary to try and convert people to good music.

  8. Jealous of the Disney trip. If things had worked out,I’d be there RIGHT NOW. sigh.I loved the name Kelly. Charlie’s Angels and all (right, I’m older than you)

  9. Having just returned yesterday from our second Disney trip in 3 weeks, let me just say you will be be exhausted, but it will be SUCH FUN!!!!

  10. My alternate name: Christina. Then I realized that a lot of girls with that name seemed to be beeyatches. ???? Must have been something in the water in my hometown?? ‘Cause I’ve met some lovely Christina’s since then.I envy you your Disney trip. We’d like to go in another year or two. Now that I’m working, maybe we’ll actually be able to afford it! I’m with Devan, I’m completely blocking the thought of the teenage years from my mind. ‘Cause the kids will NOT get ANY older, and it just WON’T happen, and oh dear! NOW you got me thinking of it! Drat!


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