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Contrary to popular belief, I am actually posting this month, other than my NaBloPoMo stuff. Here are just some of the things I have going on:

1. Bud had his recital and we trick or treated on Friday. Fun was had by all and no, I have not yet uploaded photos. I will though. Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and Bumblebee were super cute.
2. Bud is not doing well without wearing a pull up at night. I am at a loss as to what to do—the theory was to give him 2 weeks of sleeping in pee soaked clothes and he would train himself to get up—because who wants to sleep in a cold, wet bed. Apparently, he does. Nothing wakes this kid up. Then, this morning, he was staring off in to space in the living room as I was telling him to get his wet clothes off. He looks at me and tells me he was just finishing peeing. He wasn’t still asleep or anything like that; he blatantly peed in his already wet clothes. Hub talked to the doctor today, since the big kids had their flu shots, and she told him we were doing the right thing and to let it keep going and by no means should we put him back in pull ups. I’m tired of washing sheets though, that is for sure. I am at a loss.
3. Liv laughs all the time. It is the greatest sound in the world.
4. When I asked Lucy today why she kept growing; why sh wasn’t my baby anymore she told me it was because she needed to grow big and be a mom. She can’t wait to be a mom just like me. And it warms my heart.
5. I VOTED!!
6. I need to get something off of my chest but I’m not sure that I want to write about it. I’m having a really hard time right now, not knowing how to deal with a certain situation. I’m struggling. This is a situation that used to affect my life on a daily basis, that has recently reared it’s ugly head again. And while it has far less of an impact on me now, I am aware of this “situation” and am being worn down by it. (Cryptic much???) I don’t know. I probably just need to write about it and be done with it, and feel better. It’s tough. Sometimes I hate being a grown up.
7. And now I’m going home!

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  1. Man, the night training with Bud sounds awful. Poor guy. Poor you.About the cryptic problem. I’m sure whatever it is you won’t be alone in suffering from it. Even if you are, your readers are a pretty nice group, so if it will help to get it off your chest, do so.I’d love to see the Halloween costumes… they sound adorable!

  2. Guest post over at the Constance Building?

  3. Our pediatrician said the opposite: go ahead and put him back in pull-ups. He said potty-training is a physical milestone, and that if kids don’t wake up at night they don’t wake up at night.

  4. Ha ha! I mean, the pediatrician said that to ME, about MY son! The way I wrote it, it sounds like I got my pediatrician to tell YOU what to do!

  5. I was just looking at my Leaps and Bounds catalog, which has a little alarm system to wake kids up to go to the bathroom at night. Awfully high tech, huh?Write a Guest Constance post about your problem!

  6. Which Constance already suggested!

  7. Oh, I hope the night training goes better soon. That has to be discouraging. I know it would be for me too.I love baby laughs. And Lucy is just so cute.You’re welcome to post anonymously on my blog if you’d like to sometime. It sounds like maybe you’d feel better if you just talked about it. We’re a pretty understanding and supportive bunch.

  8. My pediatrician agrees with Swistle’s pediatrician. We talked about the night training thing with him (and my kid is wayyyy older than your kid.) First I was asked if this had a family history (it does. I wet the bed until I was 9 and can STILL remember my mother’s frustration with me over it. But I couldn’t help it. I didn’t know how to stop.)Then he told me that kids just make more urine at night and that, if I chose, I could try a medication that would cause him to produce less urine. This wasn’t a path I wanted to take. I would rather just buy pull-ups. I figure that this will eventually clear itself up and like most potty training issues, MY will power isn’t going to make it change. It is a biological thing in my mind.Thus endeth my long piece of assvice. Amen.

  9. Potty training is hard, hands down. My son still has nighttime accidents. I say let it all out or guest over at Constance. I’m tempted to go there myself!I can’t wait to see pics from Halloween!

  10. you go back and vent at the old place. i miss you!!the kids are so big! bebe does look like boy. so much!


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