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Friday Free For All

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1. Hub has been doing a lot of housework—laundry, dishes, general straightening—on the days that he is home. I feel like maybe I should be motivated to do more when I am home, but I am not. I get home between 6 and 6:30 and try to spend time with each of the kids. And yes, part of the problem is that I let Liv sleep on my chest for a good hour before I put her down, but I can’t help it. By the time I get organized, feed the cats, make bottles and get my pump ready, it’s like 11PM. I’m not about to clean the bathroom that late.
2. Speaking of my pump, I am making more milk. I think that my supply goes down when I have my period but then picks back up again when it’s gone. The proof is in the poop, which was good old breast milk poop this morning. I never thought I’d be so excited about poop. So yes, there is some formula, but not as much as I’d thought. YAY!
3. Of course I will only be able to pump once today because we have an “Appropriate Associate Conduct” seminar (a la The Office) from 3-5 today.
4. For those of you who supported me as I vented elsewhere this week, thank you. I feel a million times better.
5. My aunt is in town from Georgia this weekend and we are all getting together on Sunday for the football game. Everyone is bringing snacks and dips. They will have to roll me out of there. I’m making Hot Pepper Dip, which is oh so yum. I think I’m going to dig out Bud’s Bills shirt for Liv to wear. Even though The Bills have been sucking it up hardcore lately.
6. I’m kind of jealous of Kristin… who is meeting up with some fellow bloggers this weekend and is calling it Blogvention 2008. I want to have my own Blogvention! Some of us live pretty close to each other actually. Some of us live a little farther out, but still within hours. Why couldn’t we have a blogvention? Just putting it out there.
7. Ending with a few Halloween Pictures:

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  1. I would come to a Blogvention!Your kids are so cute in their Halloween costumes.I know what you mean about not having the time/energy to clean during the week. For me, the only time I can carve out is early morning, but then, I don’t have a baby to nurse.

  2. Dude. I am SO not invited to your Blogvention.It is not my faauuuuuult I live in the boonies. Give me a pity invite! I won’t come, but it will assuage my feelings that I have to live in the Armpit of the US AND miss your Blogvention.

  3. I was JUST thinking how much fun that would be after reading about Don Mills Diva getting together with some other bloggers. Isn’t pumping so you don’t soak through your shirt “appropriate associate conduct”?

  4. I’m ALL for it. My hubs has had NUMEROUS internet-friend weekends (and NOT close by), and I NEVER get out! Let’s do it!

  5. A blogvention would be fantastic. I think the hardest part would be coordinating everyone’s schedules. As long as it wasn’t an expensive thing to do, I’m in. Semi-desperate Housewife and I live in the same time (and know each other) and Shelly Overlook isn’t far from us. We could all go meet the rest of you somewhere. It would be awesome.Hey, have fun at your game party this weekend. It sounds nice.Also, glad to hear that your milk production is doing well. THat’s great that you’ve been able to keep it up for Liv.And your kids look awesome in their costumes. And you look cute too. 😀

  6. Blogvention is so totally worth it!!!!!!! Seriously. If you didn’t live a ridiculous number of hours away, I’d come to you, too. :)Love your pics!


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