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Barfing Flu Be Gone!!

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It started last Thursday evening. Actually, the foreshadowing was probably Wednesday when Daycare Teacher told me that all of the babies had been throwing up. Liv was overly cranky; she screamed through her dinner and bath and passed out after drinking about 2 ounces of her bedtime bottle. She was in bed shortly after 9 and I settled in to watch Grey’s and Private Practice. I hadn’t intended to stay up so late, but I was comfy on the couch, and was entertained, so I stayed. After TV was over, I debated whether I was going to do my morning preparation then, or just get up early and do it. I decided to go to bed, and get up earlier. I checked on the big kids, and then went in to our room. I reached in the bassinette to cover the baby and felt something wet as I tucked her blanket around her. I thought, “WTF??” and then thinking that maybe it was cold, rather than wet, I stuck my hand in again. Nope, definitely wet. I turned on the TV to get some light, and discovered the baby to be covered from head to toe in vomit. I nearly died, but kicked in to high gear spreading a blanket on my bed, getting her changed and then stripping her bed. I was glad that I’d only put her in a clean onesie, because she threw up 3 more times while I was doing the change over. She pretty much slept through all of it, and was stealthily quiet. I would bet that she had thrown up 2 or 3 times before I’d even gone to bed. By the time I had everything settled and cleaned, it was nearing 1am, but Liv was fine and slept the rest of the night.

Friday was uneventful; we kept her home from daycare and I went in to work a few hours late. She drank watered down juice and ate rice cereal and bananas all day. And then started the pooping which is still going on today.

Saturday was great! We thought that maybe we were in the clear. I made pulled pork for dinner and MIL came over. Cut to 4 AM which is when Hub and I both woke up at death’s door. We were sick all of Sunday, and around 4PM, Lucy started in with the barfing. FIL caught wind of it around this time too, so there was poor Bud tending to us all, save for the baby, and being absolutely cheerful about it. We kind of all felt better by the evening. Lucy even ate some soup for dinner. Bud was still fine.

Bud never gets barfing flu-sick. For every time he has thrown up, I would say Lucy has thrown up 5 times. We kind of thought he was good.

Until 3 this morning when he was standing in our room saying “Mom?? MOM!! I threw up!!” In his bed, I might add. Hub cleaned that all up, while Bud and I settled in on the couch. Bud was ok this morning, even eating some toast, but got sick again this afternoon.

It goes on and on and on.

All 6 of us have gotten it. Liv still can’t shake it. And Bud seems to still intermittently have it.

I am here to say that if we start passing this shit back and forth, I quit. I frigging QUIT!!

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  1. yikes! I hope it’s gone SOON!

  2. Oh honey. You deserve a medal for the week you’ve had. I hope the Plague evacuates soon!

  3. Oh man! Poor Liv! Poor all of you! Adorable sweet cheerful helpful Bud! I love your kids. Feel better soon, all of you!

  4. Isn’t it AWFUL? One of my friends threatened to come over to my house and bleach everything if we keep getting sick.

  5. I’m so sorry. We had that last summer, for a month. Mostly the kids got sick, but I joined in the fun too. Hope it goes away quickly.

  6. That is my definition of hell right there. It has to end soon, right?Crossing my fingers for ya.

  7. Oh me, oh my, I hope you are all better soon.

  8. One or more of us has been sick so far every single day of 2009. I’m going insane.


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