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I had a really good weekend. Hub let me sleep in on Saturday—though the baby who loves to scream at the top of her lungs while she plays had different ideas–and I woke up to donuts and coffee around 9am. The coffee was wonderful and I told Hub that he should make it every day if it would turn out that good. I found out later that he purchased the already made coffee from Tim Horton’s while he was out, and just emptied the cups in to our carafe to keep it warm. It was delicious though. We were around and doing work before 11; cleaning out the basement to make room for what is in the attic, so we can tear the attic apart to turn it in to bedrooms.

Anyway, I was in my glory because I just moved around clothes, and sorted them by size in to bins, and got out what I have for the summer since it will be warmer VERY SOON! While I don’t have much for the bigger kids, I have more than enough for the baby. I think she could go the entire summer without wearing the same thing twice. Someone went a little bit crazy in the baby clothes department when her 1st baby girl was born. I’m just sayin’. Anyway, the summer clothes are on deck, and I have 0-3 and 3-6 clothes packed up and a box started to throw the 6-9’s in as she is outgrowing them. Which is happening fast, sad to say. In fact, now that I think about it, all of Lucy’s old clothes are 9-12 and 12-months because she was a teeny tiny peanut. Liv—not so much. Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to see. It’s a crapload of clothes.

Yesterday, we started hauling stuff down from the attic. We have more movie posters and standees from our years of working at Blockbuster than you could ever imagine. I mean, seriously, well over 200 posters. We used them as wallpaper in our very 1st apartment. Good times. So anyway, we went through a lot of those, and I worked some more in the basement, and I’m sure there was some child-rearing mixed in as well.

I think though, that the highlight of my weekend was an old friend finding me on Facebook. You may have heard me talk about my friend M here before, she who has been my BFF since we were 11. Well before it was Saly and M, it was Saly, M and C. And sadly C moved away when we were Freshmen in high school. This was the time when there was no such thing as the internet (GASP!) (I mean, there was an internet, but nobody had it) and it was hard to keep long distance friends. Anyway, hard as we tried, we just lost touch. Imagine my surprise when she friended me though. It really made my weekend.

And today, I am at work, which I am not really feeling, but at least I can hold on to my 2 days of vacation scheduled for the end of the month. Whatever it takes to get me through, right??

I leave you with Liv’s 1st pancake—about 3 weeks ago:

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  1. OMG Liv is SO cute. And that photo of the girls together in their matching shirts? PRICELESS.

  2. I am so glad you had a good weekend. Thanks for all of the photo goodness!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. And I love the cute kid pictures. 😀

  4. That coffee thing. Is. Awesome. Hilarious.And the SISTERS pic! AIEEE!

  5. Awesome photos. Liv is ADORABLE.


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