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Hub’s not working much. And on the money side, it sucks—a lot. But in the sense of housework, and dinner, and shopping and other miscellany—it’s great. As we speak, he is at Chez Target, picking up Goodnights for Bud and a new bathing suit for Lucy to take on our trip this weekend. Am I concerned about what the bathing suit will look like? Yes. Will it be better than going out on my lunch break, losing my (already pretty crappy) parking spot and walking 2 miles in the bitter cold? Hell yes.

And when I get home tonight, he’ll have got the kids from school, and dinner will be started, if not already ready. If there was any laundry, it will be folded and ready for me to put away. Dishes will be done. It’s grand.

Having him home during the week makes me feel less guilty about not getting things done over the weekend too. Which isn’t to say that I’m taking advantage of him and being lazy, but I am enjoying more time with the kids without worrying that if I don’t clean, we’ll have a total shit storm on our hands.

We have had 2 really nice weekends in a row. Last Sunday, we took a family trip to Target, had lunch there, and went on a long walk on the trails at our favorite park. It was muddy, and the creek had washed away a large portion of the trail we were on. Bud may have come home sans pants and none of us had shoes. We had a really good time though; especially the baby who I’m sure felt like she was chasing the big kids down the paths as she rode in her buggy.

This past Saturday, Hub’s mom came over for dinner, and we cooked on the grill for the first time this year—even though it was colder than it has been recently. Hub and Bud got a lot of work done outside, including pulling out our ugly ugly bushes and framing in our walkway so it can be cemented. After dinner we started watching home movies which, aside from a minor breakdown on Lucy’s part—because, where was she?????, was a really good time. I forgot how little the kids were. And I mean, God, they are still so little, but it seems so long ago. Bud on Christmas morning at age 2 saying “Mommy, open! Mommy open!” Lucy and blankie when she was 16-months old. Even Christmas of 2007, before I grew her bangs out, Lucy seemed so small. And Hub and I were so young……these are the days of our lives, or something, I suppose.

Anyway, we were up until close to 1am watching them and when I tried to put Liv down, she outright refused. She slept in her swing 4 nights last week because she was so congested, and now, seems to think that she is never sleeping in there again. Um…oh hell no. We finally got her to sleep after 2am sometime and Hub stayed in the living room with her because I had not slept in bed all week. Last night, more of the same, though earlier. Finally, I put her down on her belly, and she stayed down until about 12:30. At least it’s something, right?

The girl is stubborn in every aspect of her life. She wants to stand. Not sit, not lie on the floor (because when she tries to crawl, she just goes backwards), stand. And she stiffens herself and throws herself backwards until she gets her way. She hit her head twice yesterday pulling this crap. My back is sore from holding her little hands while she stood, practically the entire time we were at my uncle’s yesterday.

She’s something else for sure. And someday she’ll be another one of our babies long ago, making eyes at the video camera.

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  1. I always think it’s nice when D is home for awhile too! Sounds like you’ve been having pretty good weekends. 🙂

  2. What’s up with you still having the bitter cold? It’s SPRING, get over it already and warm up!!!

  3. I enjoy days when my husband is home. Things are less rushed. My twins are my rebellious ones. Trying to make their own way in our family I guess. Maybe Liv is the same way.

  4. I’m glad that your husband has been so helpful lately. It sounds like it’s helping you out a lot.Oh, the kids, they do grow so fast. And Zachariah was a stander too. Drove us nuts sometimes, but he was on the go from the time he was a newborn.

  5. Oh man, I tell my husband I need a “wife” all the time. Which is just a snarky and slightly misogynistic way of saying I wish someone was home doing all the stuff I should be doing if I didn’t have the job. It is so nice to have help and from what I am hearing, a lot of husbands are taking care of the household due to cut backs at work. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. For us all.

  6. dishes and laundry…girl you have one hell of a set up!

  7. That stubbornness will serve her well later in life. Just call it tenacity… it sounds nicer.

  8. My husband always works less during the winter months and I never realize quite how nice it is to have an extra set of hands until spring comes and it’s just one-on-three again…I don’t know about you, but when my number three started pulling those must-stand big kid antics, it made me a little weepy– knowing that those in-arm days were fading all too fast.


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