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To say that the last couple of weeks have been hellish would be the understatement of the century. It started 2 weeks ago Monday, when I had the day off. The kids went to preschool/daycare and Hub and I spent the day together. I picked the baby up early to take her to get her picture taken, since we have not taken her even once since her birth. (the curse of the 3r chilled, I know) She was amazing at the photo session, and they took a zillion photos because she was just so good. We left, and she slept in the car seat for a good 2 hours. She woke up feverish and miserable, refused to eat and did not sleep a wink. It was more of the same on Tuesday—just one crabby baby. I took her to the doctor the next day to discover a double ear infection and the start of something in her throat. So there were antibiotics and Motrin for days on end.

Just when she started feeling better, the teething began to kick in to high gear. She finally popped the 1st bottom tooth last week, and the second one appeared yesterday. Her moods have been hit and miss and it is either WAY up or WAY down, never in between. And through it all, she’s decided that she no longer likes to sleep. I can usually get her to go down in her bed and she’ll stay for a few hours but then she’s up, and wants to sleep on me, or in the swing, or a combination of the 2. I’m probably fostering this behavior because my main concern is that she doesn’t wake the big kids. I’m at a loss; I’ve never had a baby who doesn’t sleep.

I’m sure though that in time, she will. Maybe she’ll be 16, but eventually, she will sleep….right? At lease she’s cute though:

When talking about the baby constantly running her tongue over her new teeth, Bud pointed out that he also had a new baby tooth. I was all like “you do not…goofball…” but he actually does. His teeth have always been gaped, and I thought the gap in the front seemed larger recently, and was trying to get him in to the dentist for a checkup anyway. I looked in his mouth to see a molar-like tooth coming down from behind and right in between his 2 front teeth. I was moderately horrified, and called the dentist right away the next morning. They seem to think that as long as it is removed before his permanent teeth start coming in, there won’t be any permanent damage, so that’s good. We are going in to have it checked out next Monday.

Nothing is really going on with Lucy; she did have a throat type infection and was also on antibiotics, but she seems to thrive on the drama of such situations. She is on an “I want to cut my hair” kick, which makes me nervous. On one hand, how great would it be to have her hair short and low maintenance? On the other hand, she is my girl, and I love her long dark hair. The question is also raised as to should a 3-year-old be allowed to control the length of her hair? I don’t know.

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  1. Sorry for the sickies!! SPring is coming!! Cute pictures.

  2. i love the picture i’m always afraid to get professional pics because my kids never look at the camera

  3. Damn that is a cute baby!

  4. Those are cute baby photos! Alas, our daughter has inherited our genetically-predisposed inability to take picturesque photos.

  5. If you don’t let her cut her hair, she’ll probably find scissors and cut it herself! She is one strong minded kiddo. Hope things start to get better soon. Big hugs, Paprika

  6. That new tooth for Bud thing is horrifying! Glad it’s not too serious, though. And oh those baby pictures are killer.

  7. That Hannah is a sweetie!I hate it when my kids are sick. They always share (a first time for everything, right?)Maybe you could cut a little off her hair instead of a ton….?

  8. hannah is SOOOOOO CUTE!!! 🙂 🙂 hehehe love the pictures

  9. I know…I’m really really behind. But I had to say what adorable pictures of Hannah those are. She’s gotten so big!


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