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Friday (un) Free-For-All

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This whole week has been a free-for-all. And when the hell was the last time I posted 3 times in a week? WOW!

Last night turned out to be a great night, despite my misgivings on my SIL arriving so early. I really love my SIL. If I had a sister myself, I would want it to be her. She is a hippie, essentially, patchouli and all. She doesn’t care what other people think; she is free and loose and generally awesome. I wish she lived here instead of Florida.

Anyhoo, she got to our place around 6:30 and we all went to Friendly’s for dinner. The kids stayed up late showing off for somebody new, and then she, Hub and I stayed up talking until after midnight. I’m looking forward to more of the same this weekend.

In other news, we think we have found a place for MIL to live; less than 5 minutes down the road from us. This will mean a lot in that we’ll be able to check in on her on our way home, grocery shop for/with her and so on. I’m hoping that the security deposit is reasonable and that we can get her in there soon.

Does anyone have any experience with selling on Ebay? I want to start selling off our baby clothes etc and I wonder if Ebay is the way to go. Craig’s List freaks me out, the whole meeting up in a dark alley to exchange goods for cash aspect of it, but, is Ebay out? Do people go there anymore? I wonder.

Want to know something else I hate? When people brush their teeth in a public bathroom. I mean, sure I REALLY admire your hygiene, but I’m not interested in seeing you spit all over the sink. And also, the minty minty toothpaste smell, mixed with bathroom smells, totally makes me nauseous.

There, I feel better. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Scott's coworker in the next office clips his nails every. Monday. at work. EEEWWW.

  2. Glad you're working things out for your MIL. I don't know about Ebay. I've been wondering that too. Tell me if you try it. I have lots of clothes/toys that I should probably sell.

  3. My neighbor does real well selling on eBay. I just asked her to post something of mine as I'm too lazy to do it myself!Brand new 4T X-mas dress that Izzy never wore, as we never got around to getting family X-mas pics. *sigh*

  4. I always find it weird when I walk in on someone brushing their teeth. I understand it, but still. Ick.Glad it looks like you found a good place for your MIL!

  5. …you're posting more on your blog because you got BANNED from Twitter and FB at work, huh?

  6. My girlfriend does eBay. She uses CL for big stuff (play things, strollers, etc) and eBay for clothes. She's had pretty decent success, esp with using lots of things (like 5 shirts at once) rather than one at a time.

  7. And…here it is! love my neighbor!(It's a gorgeous dress–anyone want it?)

  8. here in reno we have a little place called the purple pumpkin its a second hand store just for kids. You can either sell your small items for cash or put your larger items on consignment. Maybe you have something like that in your town. Also, I use Craigs List all the time. I always meet somewhere like a starbucks or other public place. It works well, we have sold a ton of stuff on there A TON.

  9. I hope things all work out! And so glad things went well with your SIL.I would try a second hand store. I don't have the patience for a yard sale. Well, that and I live 1300 feet from the public road and who the heck wants to come up my long ass driveway? 🙂

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