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But if I WERE to have more kids…

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My boss and his wife had their first child last week. They just named her this past weekend. This is UNFATHOMABLE to me. Could you even imagine? I have so many names lying in wait for children that I will never have (though we've spoken more recently about MAYBE having a 4th) you would not even believe it. I can't imagine showing up at the hospital without having at least a pretty good idea of what my child would be called. In all three of my own pregnancies, the baby was named pretty much as soon as we knew the sex. (Aside from Liv's middle name which was changed at the last minute when Hub called his mom to tell her she was here.)

This seems like as good a reason as any to discuss some actual names, doesn't it? I think that if I were to define my own naming style, it would be classic, with a bit of modern flair. Bud's real name hasn't made it in to the top 100 list in about a zillion years, but it is a recognizable, normal name. And my girl's names are much more common, each of them slightly modern; slightly classic.

Prior to having children, I was obsessed with the name Sebastian for a boy (What is he, a CAT?) Hub was hell to the no on that one. We did actually end up naming our cat Sebastian. And for a girl, aside from the name we chose for our first daughter, I loved (still love) Felicity. Felicity was a great show, and a great name too. Hub vetoed for no "nicknameablity" and I'll give him that, but really…so pretty.

If I were to have another child the (very few) top boy contenders would be: Callum, Andrew, or Erik. Something tells me that Hub would loathe Callum. But I love it. And also, Cal.

For a girl, I really like(in this order) Fiona, Carly, Abby (not Abigail), Delilah, and Lilly.

I may never have the opportunity to use any of these names. The point is that if I do, here is our starting point. I have a list. The baby will surely be named before he or she is born. I could not deal with having to make such a decision in the delivery room.

What about you? I'm dying to know what you would name your future child–or what the contenders might be.

**for the record, my boss named his daughter Ava

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  1. K. has the Felicity American Girl doll. I love that name.My two names that have always been on my list but NEVER on Scott's list are Margaret and Jeremiah. Also, I like even numbers. I'm just sayin'. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I like Sasha for a girl and Jensen and Ccoper for a boy.

  3. If it were only my decision I would have a Noah or a Shae for my next (hyothetical, not going to happen) child.

  4. You and I have similar taste in names. I posted about this on my blog recently, actually. I love Felicity too. You could call her Lissy or Lissa, too.

  5. I really love Carter or Cooper for a boy. I'd still like a Parker for a girl. Except we're so done having kids.

  6. THE HORROR of naming that poor child Ava! What was he THINKING? Heh.As you know, I like Elena, Livia, and Josephine for girls. My favorite boy name is James.

  7. Boys: Leo or JasperGirls: Amelia, Marianna (accent on the ONna), CallaAll that time to come up with the 5th most popular name in the nation? Hm.

  8. My friend's sister has a Felicity, and they call her Lissy. You could also do Fliss, and I read somewhere that in England they use Flip, which I think is adorable.I never have any boy names I love, not until I narrow it down to the finalists. But currently appealing to me are Oliver and Elliot.For girls I like Cora, Genevieve, and Florence.

  9. Emmeline, Josephine (call her Josie). I don't know about a boy's name – never actually got to use one.

  10. I mean Emmeline OR Josephine (Josie). I wasn't very clear up there.

  11. Oh, this is fun. And you are still speaking hypothetically right? I'm starting to wonder about you.Anyway, girls names I like (may or may not use) are Genevieve (seeing it more and more though & not sure it fits with the rest of our names), Lila/Lilah (or Delilah and Lila for a nickname), Hollyn (too close to family names, so I most likely won't sure, but love it), Layla (one of our favs before finding out we were having a boy). There should be more. I'm not even sure I'd use any of those. I don't know whether they really go with our names. Although I didn't mean for us to all sound so Biblical either, so it might be good to steer away from that.I'm so wishy washy about boys names. I was when we named Zachariah. Matt picked out that name, I added it to my list, and it grew on my bit by bit. My favorite name for him was Jamin. I didn't want to name him until I saw him, so I went with a list of favs. And I knew right away he was NOT a Jamin, so Zachariah was my fall back name. I love it now. I like Carter a lot, but I think it might be a little too trendy-sounding for us. Otherwise, I don't know right now. My tastes change often.Oh also, while we're talking baby names I must know what you think of Mahoney for a girl. In the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium the character's name was Molly Mahoney, but they called her Mahoney. I love it, but I feel like it should have a nick name and can't think of one. Anyway…sorry to hog the comments.

  12. I've got nothing for a girl name but I'm still disappointed that I'll never have another boy to name Jonah . . .

  13. so am I having this hypothetical baby alone? Because my husband hated most of my baby names. We went to the hospital without a clue last time (well okay he was 2 weeks early after 2 42 weekers, you have to allow me that ๐Ÿ™‚ ) One of our contenders was Justin and I'd love to use that. Also Jaden, but the husband refused because "it's too hard to say" and Jamin, but I can't get away with that one for some various reasons I won't get into but I like that name too. Rounding the corner in between for either sex is Jaime. and our girl name was Megan, but I'm so glad we didn't use that, there are 3 megans in my daughter's class and there are only 15 kids in her class! Girl names were so much harder for me. I love Felicity though. T loved Zoe and I was dead set against it but I think it's cute now. (I'd love to name a girl Joey. and Flip is adorable indeed.)

  14. i heart abby but dude how do you not know your kid i mean HOW! i knew my kids names early on because i could tell their personality and i was already referring to them by name…what did they say awww look at our sweet baby isn't IT cute?ass facesbtw i'm doing a pay it forward contest on my blog i think the prize is pretty rad, if you don't thats cool, but might be worth a look see


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