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Ear tube day

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Does this work? The baby had tubes put in her ears this morning and she did great. She is being her regular old self.

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  1. Are those baby gowns not the CUTEST THING EVER? I still have Ava's from when she got her tube surgery.So glad everything went well.

  2. so glad everything went well!!!Those gowns really are cute . . .

  3. What a little trouper. Glad everything went well.

  4. So glad all went well. Hugs to you all!

  5. So glad it went well! I hope the tubes fix the issue.

  6. So CUTE! Glad she's doing fine.

  7. Baby-sized johnnies FELL me.I'm so glad it went well!

  8. I'm glad all went well. And isn't she adorable in that little gown!

  9. What a cutie patootie!Glad all went well!

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