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Friday Free for All- handwritten (click to enlarge)

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Well everyone else has done it, so why not me??

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  1. I love this. And oh, the frustration of not liking your child's teacher. I can't even imagine how annoying it is to send your kid to school every day to LEARN from someone who you think is a twit!

  2. LOVE. This is not what I pictured your handwriting would look like. What DID I picture it to look like, you ask? Dunno. Less…girly? OMG I am so rude.Also, I love how by the end we are all chicken-scratchy, like EFF THIS MAN!

  3. We write in a similar fashion. A bit like sisters. Love you. Paprika

  4. okay if i did this i would have to type it first so that i could have my beloved spell check. then i would have to frantically search for the correct pen, and then redo it about 18 times to make sure my hand writing looks extra nice

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