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Kid Updates and an Unrelated Question

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We had quite the weekend, with a bounce house party for Bud and his friends on Saturday, and a family party yesterday.  Between his actual birthday, and the 2 weekend parties, I am almost (but not quite) caked out.  I still barely believe that he is 6 years old already.  My first born baby—he’s 6.  Which makes me, well, old.  No, I do not like it one bit.  Something else I don’t like?  His mouth.  The sass on this kid is unreal.  And I don’t know where he comes up with some of this stuff.  My catch all is the bus.  Surely, he learns it from kids on the bus. 


For example, he taught his sister that sticking up her middle finger means she is swearing.  In the car on Saturday, there was Lucy holding up her middle finger saying “I swear!!” When we told her what she was doing, she said “to swear means ‘I promise’”.  She is so funny.  She was one of Bud’s party guests at the bounce house on Saturday, and every other time we’ve been there, she has been terrified of the big slide.  When I went in to the bounce area from the party area at one point she was nowhere to be found.  I looked everywhere, except for the slide, and then I saw her, going down backwards on her stomach.  She had a blast, but has a 2-inch brush burn on her belly to show for it.


And Liv, well she’s herself.  She is eating a ton, and is a maniac.  She just moved in to the 18-month room at daycare (thought I don’t get my 18-month discount until the end of the month when she is OFFICIALLY 18-months-old) and she seems so small compared to the ones who have already turned 2.  She is used to running with the big kids though, and she fits in fine.  She eats lunch at a table and takes her nap on a mat.  Clearly, she is no longer a baby.  She has taken a liking to her sister’s dress up clothes and tells us “me lella”, or “I’m Cinderella”, which is so stinkin’ cute I could just DIE. 


My kids.  I wish I could stick them in a bottle sometimes to remember just how they are at this moment.  I wish that I could focus more on the positives than on the million ways they drive me crazy every day.  In some ways, I suppose, this blog is my bottle, and thankfully more good then bad comes out about them over here. 


On a completely unrelated note—do you children have quiet pip-squeaky like voices?  It seems like all the children we encounter on a regular basis so, yet all 3 of my children have very loud, very boisterous voices.  Hub has a very loud voice; I do not.  Do you think it is genetic?  I can be kind of embarrassing!  😀



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  1. Oh god. Torsten has a very loud voice. I sincerely hope it is NOT genetic.Also, I love your blog, but this dark red type on the pink background is very hard to read! Can you pick a type color with more contrast?

  2. That middle finger story is awesome!My girls have moderately pip-squeaky voices – they're not too high, but there's a sweetness in there. Bart's voice is awesome – kind of low and raspy, how I imagine Bruce Springsteen's voice would have been as a child.

  3. Tosc calls Ava "The Muffler", because she only has one volume: LOUD LOUD LOUD.

  4. Oh my kids are LOUD! LOUD! LOUD! Actually, Izzie has a tiny voice, but a good set of lungs. 🙂

  5. Our babies would have fun being princesses together!

  6. My daughter has a VERY high pip squeaky voice sometimes, so when that voice gets loud, it can be really grating. Usually it's just sweet. Eli has a pretty boyish voice, if I may wax stereotypical for a moment. Half the stuff he says, he play-growls, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that he is LOUD LOUD LOUD. Like, caused us all permanent hearing loss loud.Both Jim and I have fairly quiet, low voices, though (I think- maybe I'm loud and don't know it!) and definitely not high or squeaky, so don't know where Addy's voice came from.

  7. My youngest has a pip-squeaky voice. He sounds little, which, he is. Brother is not really loud. He is more soft spoken. But my husband is really soft spoken with a mid-range voice for a man. He can't even yell; it just doesn't work for him.That being said, my kids can be plenty plenty loud when they want to be.

  8. Glad the kids all had fun. A bounce house sounds great.I love it- "me lella". So darn cute.My son is not too loud (most of the time), but I notice his voice isn't high-pitched like some other kids. It doesn't seem like a "baby" voice to me like some little kids have.


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