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Friday Free For All- Wow!! You do love me!

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Thanks for indulging me with your comments yesterday. I mean it!! I’m glad to know that even though I’ve been lazy on the blog front, you guys still care. I’m lazy because of my job, you know. The recent changes have severely cut my internet time. Bastards.

Anyway, you indulged me, so now I will indulge you!

* On work days, I almost always eat reduced sugar apples and cinnamon oatmeal, with black coffee for breakfast. Its not a health thing, just what I like. Some days I have an everything bagel instead. Living on the edge, right?

* I wear between a 7 and an 8 sized shoe. My feet did grow when I was pregnant, but they grew wider. It’s crazy. I used to wear a 6.5.

Random Tidbit:

Did I mention that Hub got me a new camera for Christmas? He did, but he talked me in to returning it for a model that takes AA batteries because he knows me, and figures I will never keep the battery charged. He gave me a Target rain check for the model he thought I’d like that was on sale before Christmas. I took his advice and returned the camera even though I loved it. I have looked and looked for the suggested model and no store has had it in stock. So today I called Target to find this camera once and for all. It seems that the model for which I had the rain check was discontinued. Furthermore, we should not have been issued a rain check for an item that was about to be on clearance. Target is reasonable though and agreed to let me apply the 26% discount referenced on my rain check to another camera. When I got to the store, the CSR seemed unsure about this and called her manager. Not only did they honor the discount, they gave me the camera I picked for the clearance price of the discontinued item. It happens to be the exact model I opened on Christmas morning, only now, it was $50 cheaper. I’ve never felt so lucky!!

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  1. When you started that story, I was afraid you were going to end up with neither camera. So glad it worked out!

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  3. Go buy a lottery ticket to continue on with your good luck!

  4. Well, Target is awesome! :)~d e v a n

  5. Yay! So glad it worked out!


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