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Friday Free for All

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• The baby is 18-months old today. 1.5!! Holy cow where does the time go? Soon I will be referring to her as my almost two-year-old. Oh no…that is just not possible. She reminds us every day that she is big. BIG. And that she has opinions and stuff. About everything. But mostly about having an endless supply of crackers; CRACKERS!!. And yogurt; GOGOAT!!. And how clearly she is big enough to eat a taco right at the table. I call her on my lunch break and when she comes to the phone I say “Hi baby!” and she mimics me back, my high-pitched mommy voice to a T “Hi baby!”. She is something else; like no child I’ve ever known. And I am sure glad she’s here (even though she STILL does not sleep through the night).

• On a recent trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, Hub and I were given 3 mini bottles of real maple syrup with our pancakes. They were glass bottles, similar to mini liquor bottles. We were a bit intrigued as they were sealed, and were clearly one serving type items. We got to talking with our server who mentioned that the bottles were just thrown out after the meal, unless the patrons took them home. We were kind of outraged. You have to imagine that they sell a lot of pancakes there and if you get 2 bottles with each set of pancakes…well that is a lot of glass to be throwing out. Wouldn’t it be pretty easy to recycle those? I’m thinking of making this a crusade.
• Hmph, I really thought I would have more random things to share, but I guess I don’t. So with that said, have a great weekend!!

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  1. That is super annoying about the bottles! It is amazing how many huge corporations don't recycle. Of course it is also up to the states to mandate recycling of that type of thing, and most of them don't.

  2. Yay! Liv is a big girl. This means you are doing your job. Go you!And Yay! for recycling crusades. Tell me where to send my letters. I will help.

  3. She looks like such a big kid just sitting there at the table. That bothers me about the little bottles too. Who comes up with this stuff?

  4. We always take those bottles with us. My kid plays with them in her pretend kitchen or I recycle them. I know they're cute and all, but what a waste.Your baby is such a big girl now!!!

  5. The baby isn't a baby anymore. **sniff sniff** We always take those little bottles home. Hate to waste them. It is silly.

  6. She can't be 18 months old! How did THAT happen???


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