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The beginning of March always leaves me feeling a bit like a panting dog; thirsty for water on a hot summer’s day. Spring is so close that I can taste it, and yet, here in Western New York there is still much snow on the ground and there is not a tulip busting through fresh spring soil in sight.

But, it is kind of warming up. In fact this weekend we will boast highs of 40 degrees. Surely some snow will melt and the muddy smells of spring will seep up through the grass. I can’t wait.

I’ll be spending the weekend with my mother and my aunts in Rochester, sans kids. I’m not exactly sure what we will be doing aside from going for Thai food on Saturday night, but I’m sure it will be fun. Hopefully my cousins will be able to join us for some of it. In my mother’s words, we’ll just be chilling. (Chilling. With my mother. OMG)

We are leaving right after I get out of work on Friday, so I have to have everything packed and ready tonight. It’s kind of an overwhelming thought. I’ll need to get all of the kid’s crap ready for Hub too. I may as well not even go to sleep.

And speaking of sleep (along with new beginnings), the baby is still sleeping. All night every night. It is glorious–so much so that you almost forget not sleeping for the better part of 2 years. And when you have a sleeping baby it makes it more feasible to talk about possibly having the fourth and final baby. Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody is saying yes right now, but nobody is screaming ‘HELL NO!!’ anymore either.

Time will tell, I suppose. Maybe next spring.

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  1. ooh, maybe baby talk soon. πŸ™‚ YAY for sleep and time "off."

  2. It's been in the 50s here the past few days and it is lovely, so so so lovely. There have been a lot more squirrels running around, too. The downside is that the dog keeps coming in the house COVERED in mud.

  3. Yay for potential baby talk!

  4. My lilies are peeping out of the ground and my roses and maples are budding out. I can't wait for the grass to turn green instead of the dead looking yucky brown. Even though I have decided to restrain myself with gardening this year, I really want to go plant something. The days are still cold though. I will be glad when balmy Spring weather is really HERE.

  5. C'mon, everybody's doing it! πŸ˜‰


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