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Fitness Tips (to myself)

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• The first 2 weeks are always the hardest. You will want to die. You will want to cry. But think of the energy you will have going in to week 3. You’ve done this before. You got this.
• Don’t compare yourself to all those skinny girls. They probably didn’t have 3 babies in less than 5 years, and if they did, they are the freaks. You are the norm. Nobody there is concerned with your jiggly ass. (I promise)
• You have always had a love/hate relationship with the elliptical. You will want to kick it’s ass for the first week or so. But once you hit your groove, it will be your best friend.
• Drinking 20 ounces of water before you’ve even had breakfast will seem like a bad idea and you will try and talk yourself out of it. Don’t. Accept the peeing all day in exchange for not dying from the muscle spasms.
• Getting up at 4:50 am sucks. So what, suck it up. You haven’t slept a full night in more than 2 years anyway.
• Regardless of the outcome, you will never wear a bikini. Ever. Focus on being healthy for your children and your husband.

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  1. good luck! I'm seriously impressed you're getting up so early – I tried that and there was NO WAY IN HELL. Good for you!

  2. I am the same way. A bikini is NOT the goal and that's OK.

  3. Today is Day 1 of Diet for me and I already hate it. I'm such a defeatist, even though my efforts will be minimal. Sigh.

  4. I can't believe you're getting up that early. you're a hero.

  5. These might be just for you, but many are universally applicable. Bikini, I'm looking at you.

  6. Good, practical advice. I'm with Sarah. I could never get myself out of bed that early. However, my husband gets up about 5:00 a few times a week to work out. Not me.


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