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I had a half day on Friday to get some things done and I got home just in time to see Bud getting off the bus. Bonus. I am never home to see him running up the walk. I told Hub that it is time to get the porch furniture out for the times that I am home as I like to sit out there with my coffee while waiting or after I put the kids to bed at night for some fresh air. This is not to mention the fact that our neighbor’s house is for sale, and I would love to have a vessel to further my gawking at the potential buyers coming in and out instead of pressing my face up against the glass like a lunatic.

Speaking of lunacy, I had my niece in addition to my own 3 kids this weekend, and I took all 4 of them to the science museum to see the Sesame Street body exhibit. They had a really good time. We met up with Hub’s cousin and her kid as well, so it was 2 on 5. The bonus of the day was being able to climb the (treacherous wrought iron) spiral stair case up to the roof which is their observatory. Bud got to take a look at the sun through a large telescope, and I got to take some photos of our city’s skyline. The museum was actually pretty small, but just right to fill a few hours in the mid afternoon. (and could you just *DIE* over Liv’s Converse All*Stars???)

The kids were so well behaved that I took them all for ice cream on the way home. I made small talk with a woman who was pregnant with her 3rd child, a boy after having 2 girls. She was worried that the boy would be harder than her girls were. I told her that for me, compared to the girls, the boy is a piece of cake. It was nice. My niece ate all 3 of my kids under the table; you’d have thought she was in some sort of contest. I had to pull napkin out of her mouth several times.

I woke up yesterday morning and could hardly walk and couldn’t figure out why. Then it occurred to me—the stairs. I carried the baby up and down that steep spiral stair case. It was horrible, but things needed to get done, and they did. General Sunday stuff that included grocery shopping and cleaning, and showers for the kiddos, plus getting ready for what is sure to be a long week since my parents are on a cruise. This leaves the girls home with Hub/FIL for 3 days instead of their usual 1 day at home. I have high ambitions for this week as well, which includes listing some more items on Ebay and figuring out just what the hell I am supposed to be doing at work.

Something tells me that by the time next weekend arrives, I’m going to need it.

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  1. Aww, the kids are so cute. I hope your busy week flies by!

  2. Those kids are damn cute!Can we move in next door?


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