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Stolen from so many….

area code: 716

b. bed size: Queen (not big enough)

c. chore you hate: any aspect of laundry.

d. dog’s name: We have no dog

e. essential “start of the day” item: coffee. Will not get very far without it

f. favorite color: pink

g. gold or silver: White gold

h. height: 5’4”

i. instruments you play: I can read music, and I can sing

j. job: Operations Consultant; Mom

k. kids: Three of them Ages 6, (almost)5, and (almost) 2

l. living arrangements: House with Hub, Kiddos, FIL, and 3 cats

m. mom’s name: Marilyn

n. nickname: I always wanted a nickname. ALWAYS. Hub has given me a few thru the years—he calls me S.L. if not Hon. Bud likes to call me Mommas Thomas because I call him Edmund Spagedmund, and he thinks he is funny. I will cut you if you call me Sar.

o. overnight hospital stay: To GiveBirth and twice for kidney stones

p. pet peeve: Not making an attempt to pronounce a last name correctly. I mean God! Sound it out! Think it through!! My last name is not and looks nothing like Benedict.

q. quote from movie: “Did somebody say ‘Able Lincoln’?”

r. righty or lefty: righty

s. siblings: 2 younger brothers

t. time you wake up: on a gym day, 4:40 AM, non- gym but work day, 6:00 AM

u. underwear: I wear them

v. vegetables you dislike: cauliflower (blech!)

w. ways or reasons you are late: stopping for coffee, or loading up kids. I despise being late though, so it is rare

x. x-rays: chest for pneumonia, dental, spine and neck after a car accident

y. yummy food you make: oven fried chicken, banana muffins

z. zoo animals you like: Giraffes

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  1. ooh, man, I hate being late too. Too bad my husband doesn't share that sentiment!

  2. Totally with you on the queen bed not being big enough. We survived that for almost three years and I am SO GRATEFUL for the king size bed we have now.


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