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• I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here a few times that I keep an eye on my 3-yo niece (Hub’s brother’s daughter) quite a bit. Yesterday she asked “Aunt Sara, do I live here?” I asked her why she would think so, and she said “I live at mommy’s house sometimes and at daddy’s house sometimes, and here sometimes too??” She’s kind of right; she has her own drawer of clothes, a pillow, a toothbrush, shoes, toys—you name it. She is with me almost as much as she is with either of her parents. And my heart broke in to a million pieces. Of course, this was close to 11:30 and she had not yet been to sleep since neither of her parents feel the need to keep her on a schedule, and I was exhausted too—so she could have said anything and I’d probably still have burst in to tears. But I think you get my point. This poor pumpkin.
• And speaking of poor pumpkins, the baby has a cough and a cold and though her spirits have been decent during the day, she’s had a few rough nights. The cough has turned almost croup-y a few times, and it’s making it hard for her to sleep. So we’ve played the “in mommy’s bed, back in the crib” game a few times over here. See also—exhausted.
• I’ve sold off a lot of the kids’ clothes on eBay this past month, and I’ve made around $200. Not bad, huh? I’ve also bought quite a bit for the kiddos, mostly new, and at a really good price. I tried something new yesterday, by where you tell this woman how much you’d like to spend, and she goes in to her supposed HUGE inventory of kids clothes and picks and sends things just for you. She guarantees at least double for your money (i.e. if you give her $20, you get at least $40 worth of clothing), so we’ll see how it works out. I gave her a little bit for the baby, who has basically all hand me downs, and a pretty considerable amount for Bud. Lucy wants to go out and buy her own clothes, so nothing for her. I’m kind of excited about it though.
• And for those of you who commented on My Previous eBay Post, it has finally been resolved and I have recouped my money. In addition, the seller sent me a very apologetic email when she received the items back and admitted that she was wrong. BooYA! (do people say that anymore?)
• Lucy has kindergarten orientation on Friday. Can you even believe it? KINDERGARTEN!! Come September, we will officially be a one child in daycare home. Praise Jesus! That shit is expensive! Unless of course we have another baby. Which Hub is vehemently against. Which makes me a little sad.
• Anyway, on the advice of my ObGyn, I’ve been on the pill for a little more than a month now—it’s that Seasonique one where you get only get your period once every 3 months. The main reason was to prevent migraines because mine generally seem to be hormone triggered. Even in that 12th week where you get your period, you take an estrogen supplement, to keep your hormone level regulated. I have to say that I feel better on this pill than I ever have on another. I haven’t lost “the desire”, and better yet, I haven’t had any migraines since I started taking it. It may just be doing what it’s supposed to do. And not having to worry about contraception doesn’t hurt too much either. One side effect during the 1st 3 months is supposed to be spotting, and I’ve had none of that either. It.Is.Awesome.
• Finally, we are seriously considering a trip to Disney at the end of August—that last week before school starts. We think we can swing it. We think we’re going to drive. (OMG) Shelly has been kind enough to give me some great tips since she has been there a zillion times. Does anyone else have tips to share with me? I’m kind of overwhelmed with the whole idea, and so I am absorbing as much information as I possibly can.

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  1. I have no Disney advice, but we're hoping to drive there this summer too if Homer's schedule allows.Your poor neice. She's very lucky to have your family. Homer and I have always said that if his nutball sister ever procreates, we'll have to be prepared to be the child's second parents.

  2. Disney Advice: Sweetheart, do you know how hot Orlando is in August? If there is any way to avoid going then, I would seriously consider it. Go get an Unoffial Guide to Disney World, because that is THE best guidebook. We really enjoyed staying in a Disney resort and getting the meal plan. Even though they let you have lots of sit down meals, consider you would rather spend time seeing things than sitting in a restaurant and the counter service meals are basically the same food, served on a different plate. There are a few exceptions to this, though. Get park hopper passes and be sure to go to a Character Meal. We liked Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary because Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, AND Pluto all come to your table. That was my 3-year-old's very favorite part of the trip. (Really, he was miserable the rest of the time. Disney is taxing.)I can regale you more via email. But even if you disregard everything else….Dude, August is HOT. Like over 100 degrees with the heat index hot.

  3. IF we ever get to Disney, we'll probably drive, too. Airfare may be cheap to FL, but not when you have to buy FIVE tickets! LOL. I've heard September and October are the best months to go–you miss the summer crowds and the summer heat.

  4. I'm really amazed that even with three kids of your own and working full time you take care of your niece so much! And it sounds like it's a good thing, too… I'm glad she has you. Poor shuffled-around kid. Although who knows, maybe half the time she thinks it's fun.No real ADVISE about going to Disney, but I will say that as much as I want to go with the kids, we are trying to hold out until they're all at least four. We've been told many times that otherwise the trip will be half misery and the little kids won't even remember it and they'll be grouchy from no napping, etc. I dunno though… I love Disney so much!

  5. Is the double your money lady an eBay thing? Let me know how it goes, I'm curious.I'm ready to give more Disney wisdom whenever you need it! 🙂

  6. Aw, poor biscuit! It makes me really glad she has you.August in Florida, AAAAAAAAAA!! I used to visit my grandparents in February and it was already warm enough at Disney for shorts and tank tops.I feel really happy that you got an apology from the eBay lady.

  7. Aww, your poor niece. I'm glad that she has some stability at your place though.I might need your advice/help with Ebay. I've thought about selling some of Zachariah's clothes. I have so many stored…too many really. There are tons of things that he never wore (most were passed to us but in great shape). I've never sold clothes on Ebay though.Kindergarten! Gah! We're only one year away, and I refuse to think about it any longer.


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