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Friday Free for All- a good rant

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Are you one of these people who when in the grocery line grabs that divider to separate your goods from mine like the second mine touch the belt? Regardless of how close or far away they are? I really hope not, because if that’s the case, we can’t be friends anymore.

I got myself all worked up in to a tizzy yesterday, in all the hoopla of birthday cake, and for a while there, it seemed like I was going to crack just any fucking second. I managed to keep it under control, but let me give you a picture of the 2 or so hours between the time I left work yesterday, and the time where we actually sat down to dinner.

I left at 3:30 and spoke to Hub (who was having an awful day because his carpet cleaning machine broke down) who told me he was leaving xx town and was on his way home. Since I had to drive to my parent’s house to get the kids and then drive all the way home, I was sure that he’d be home before me. 45 minutes later, I was home and he wasn’t. This was the point where FIL told me that Aunt G was on her way over with her grand kids who are roughly Bud and Lucy’s age, to play in the yard. My house, you guys, was a shit hole. Hub hasn’t been home all week, and I’ve been exhausted and really just the bare minimum has been done. I wasn’t planning on doing a huge clean-up—I was going to wrap the baby’s gifts, run the vacuum, and leave the rest for Saturday when we don’t have to be anywhere until 4PM. Instead though, I was cleaning the bathroom, cleaning clutter from my counters, sweeping the kitchen floor and…well you get the picture. FIL assured me that they were just coming to play outside, but before I knew it, there were random children running through my house, checking out our bedrooms, having to pee, and asking for drinks and WHERE DOES LUCY KEEP HER SILLY BANDS and AAAAAAH!!! And I tried to be Zen about it, and avoid speaking to Hub through gritted teeth. I really did. I managed to wrap the gifts and I was getting plates out for dinner, and washing kids cups and just waiting for Hub to let me know when I was good to order the pizza. And he let me know when it was time, but also asked me to go to the store to pick up pop to save time, and since I was there could I deposit his checks for him and grab some milk, and BY THE WAY we are out of sugar for coffee!!

SO I grabbed my purse, met Hub in the driveway to grab the checks AND my niece, saw Aunt G and the kids off, told Hub he needed to take the tantruming baby with him to get the pizza, and we both left (leaving the big kids and my niece with FIL). I was starting to calm down. At least it was over, I would grab the few thing and deposit the checks and we’d all be home happily eating pizza in about 20 minutes. There’s no need to be worked up anymore.

And then of course, my math was wrong on the deposit slip so they had to correct and redeposit it. And as I tried to get the Pepsi, this whore of a woman blocked the aisle with her cart and stood on the bottom shelf to get the last 3 bottles from the top. I finally got past her and got my pop from the display up front, grabbed the rest of my crap, and carried my very heavy basket to the express lane. And of course, aisle blocking pop stealing whore was right in front of me. Standing at the very back of the belt taking up all the room although all she had was the pop, some laundry soap and a frozen pot pie. And when she finally moved enough to where I could get my basket up there and get my milk, pop and sugar on the belt, she turned around with a sneer, and faster than I could blink, grabbed the divider to separate our groceries. Which were the only ones on the belt. At least 6 inches apart. And this is when my head exploded in to 2.7 million tiny pieces. SERIOUSLY?? I don’t think our groceries are going to get mixed up. I don’t think the world will end if my milk jug accidentally touches your pot pie. I think we’re both smart enough to say something to the cashier if she doesn’t realize the gap between our items and maniacally tries to charge you for and force you to leave with my groceries. YOU LOON!

I wish I could have or would have said something…ANYTHING! But, it’s not worth it. Right? It’s easier for me to vent about it here. And thankfully the rest of the night, even having my niece sleep over unexpectedly and having to drive her home on my way to work this morning. It was fine. All I cared about was singing “Happy Birthday” to my girl and watching her open gifts. I got to do that; she got the great birthday she deserved, and that’s what matters.

(but damn if that chick in the grocery store didn’t set off my desire to just stab someone!)

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  1. You know what you can do with a bottle of Pepsi other than drink it? Smack dumbasses over the head with it. I'm just saying.

  2. had the desire to stab yesterday. Went to a mcdonalds at lunch (first stupid idea) and they have the new two lane drive-thru deals. Bitch decides to pull into the second lane to order her food but has to cut around 10 OTHER PEOPLE in line to do so. There's no way she thought we were all just so stupid we were waiting in line for the one aisle so one must conclude she was JUST A COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASS. Glad she got her ice cream cone a little faster. SORELY TEMPTED to "accidentally" bump the back of her lexus . . .Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Glad she had a fun birthday!!!!

  3. I had no idea that people hated it when you put down the divider in the grocery store! I always put it behind my groceries because I think it's polite. Oh dear. (although I don't do it with a sneer)

  4. LOL– Devan- I think the divider is a necessary piece of equipment, especially when you have a lot of groceries, 3 kids with you etc. But it was like she was annoyed that I was even thinking about putting my groceries on the same belt as hers. It was the express lane and we each had 3 or 4 things. And she acted like it was The Apocalypse.

  5. Gotcha! Although, now I will be more mindful of using that divider. lol

  6. The divider is one of those areas of life where attitude is EVERYTHING. Someone can put it down like, "Oh, here, let me put a divider down so you feel welcomed to put your things on the belt too!" or they can put it down like, "OMG keep your filthy purchases away from mine!! And don't think I don't see you trying to make ME pay for YOUR stuff!"

  7. I have to carry rescue remedy with me in my bag for this very reason. Peace be with you my sweet sister friend. Paprika xx


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