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I am tired. TIRED. The girls’ joint birthday party was on Saturday and I feel like I’ve been going non-stop since Friday. I left work on Thursday and Hub and I split up the kids to get the shopping done. Hub worked all day on Friday and I took the baby to daycare so I could do all the cooking. The big kids were home with me, and were crazy, of course, but I persevered, and actually got to bed at a reasonable hour. I think this is the most prepared we’ve ever been in advance.

And party day was perfect! The weather was awesome; not too hot and no humidity. The guests were happy, the food was good, there was much playing and talking and laughing. It may have been our best party yet. The girls both got a ton of gifts and Lucy loved her Justin Bieber cake. When she hugged me and told me how much she loved it and that it was the best day ever, I almost cried. Yes, it was a fabulous day.

The good thing about having a party in the park is that you need to be out by dusk. We were home soon after 9, all 3 kids filthy and exhausted went to bed immediately. And they were all up by 7 on Sunday morning, crabby and hungry. Hub and I were pretty tired too, so we made an executive decision and all went back to bed at 10:30 and slept until 1. It was pretty awesome. We spent the rest of the day cleaning up and putting party stuff away. I broke down gift bags and opened gifts and got that all organized, had some leftovers for dinner, showered the kiddos, and had everyone in bed by 8.

I spent some time uploading photos because I promised a lot of people photos of the Justin Bieber cake. Then I spent half the night lying awake in bed because I couldn’t shut my brain off…which is why this post is a rambly chain of events type post with no actual content…

So I’m going to stop typing now and show you some photos.

These are from my camera:

And these were taken by Hub’s cousin K with a fancy type camera and lens:

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  1. Yay, so glad it went well! The pictures are gorgeous, it all looks so fun! But just one question… how did it go with the CORN?

  2. Jess!! HAHAHAHA the CORN! Would you believe that when it came time for it, my SIL, who was the one who just wanted it so bad, said she wasn't going to have any??? I thought Hub might kill her. She ate corn.Anyway–I bought 30 ears and we had about 10 left. I guess it was fine.

  3. You and your girls are so very lovely! Looks like a good time was had by all.

  4. Sounds like and looks like a GREAT time! You sure throw an awesome birthday bash!

  5. LOL re: the corn. :)The pics look great and it looks like both girls had tons of fun! I wish we could've been there. Hope you are recovering this week, heh. 🙂

  6. You're an amazing Momma. I love you. Paprika.

  7. Oh, I really love Lucy's hair in that first one. It looks so much like yours.And the cousin's camera takes such pretty pictures. I want a camera like that.


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