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First, let me thank you all for your support on the post I wrote on Thursday. Having people behind me makes me even more excited to move forward with my plan.

The other day, Cass wrote a post that remarked at the power of the phrase “I will…”. She is so right! Saying “I will” holds much more meaning than saying “I’ll” or in my case, “I’m gonna….”. Hub asks me when I’m going to do something, and my go-to response is “I’m gonna….”. It’s an easy way out. It’s non-committal. It is so me. But it isn’t this renewed version of myself that I’m trying to build.

And so, that brings me to today’s post, and what I’m hoping will be the first in a series of similar Sunday posts. This is my Weekly Will, a list of the things that I will do this week. Nothing drastic, nothing crazy, nothing overly complicated. Just things that I can and will do if I just push myself a little bit.

Here goes:

• I will get my hair cut and colored.
• I will go to the gym at least 4 times (and I will not just slack off and ride the bike).
• I will paint my toenails (or maybe have someone paint them for me).
• I will wear cute shoes instead of boring flats at least once.
• I will clear and wash the dinner dishes in the same night in which they accumulated.
• I will do a good deed.
• I will play a game with my kids without being beggedasked.
• I will focus more time on my job and less time hanging out on Twitter and Facebook.
• I will comment on a blog I have never commented on before.

I think that’s good. Nothing overly ambitious. Nothing that is too vague to be able to gloss over. Here we go people! The week starts now.

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  1. Good luck with this weeks goals!You can do it!~

  2. Good luck as well. I will is definitely a stronger word that I'm gonna. Found your button on Bloggy Moms. Hope you pay me a visit soon. Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  3. I actually think this IS ambitious. Good for you! Do report and tell us how you did. 🙂


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