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Weekly Will–Week 1 Update, and Week 2 Wills

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Well my first week of “wills” went pretty well I think. It’s hard to hold myself accountable, but I liked knowing in the back of my mind that The List was out there, even as I sometimes ignored it.

• I will get my hair cut and colored. CHECK Although the cut occurred last Saturday which was not technically part of last week, and the color occurred last night, which is part of THIS week so…. (anyway—not overly thrilled with the color—a bit too red for me, but I think it will fade.)
• I will go to the gym at least 4 times (and I will not just slack off and ride the bike). NOPE! I went once—maybe twice?? The days blur together—BUT, I spent last Sunday climbing my attic and basement stairs relocating a bunch of crap and Thursday walking our local (hilly) fairgrounds and worked up more of a sweat than I usually do at the gym, so I think I still did ok. We’ll put this on one this week’s list again though.
• I will paint my toenails (or maybe have someone paint them for me). CHECK (I painted myself)
• I will wear cute shoes instead of boring flats at least once. CHECK this one was murder!! But I wore cute capris and strappy sandals
• I will clear and wash the dinner dishes in the same night in which they accumulated. NOPE! not so much. Not even a little bit
• I will do a good deed. semi-CHECK in that I let idiots who don’t know how to drive in front of me on the thruway—not really what I was going for but…
• I will play a game with my kids without being beggedasked. CHECK
• I will focus more time on my job and less time hanging out on Twitter and Facebook. semi-CHECK I could do more work here…
• I will comment on a blog I have never commented on before. CHECK I did right here

Now, then, for this week’s list. There will not be a list for next week since we will be on vacation, but I do hope to still be mindful of good habits.

• I will avoid iced coffee with cream, because cream is the devil not just in fat and calories, but it totally screws my whole body inside and out. I’ve known this for a long time, but still imbibe because it is so darn good on the long hot ride home from work. No Cream.
• I will go to the gym 4 times (1 time down already today)
• I will focus on my work and not leave loose ends that have to be worked while I am technically on vacation.
• I will wear a skirt or a dress.
• I will be mindful of what I am shoving in my piehole and will try hard not to eat mindlessly.
• I will do better on the dinner dishes. I will sweep the kitchen floor.
• I will wear makeup or earrings.
• I will do something alone with each of my kids.

OK! Here goes WEEK 2!!!

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  1. Week 1 went great, in my opinion! Excellent start!

  2. I think Week 1 was a definite success. I mean, how boring would it be if you achieved perfection your first time out? Go you!!!

  3. Good job! Hugs Paprika xx


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