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We had my niece this weekend and I “camped” out in the living room with the big kids and her, waking up kind of cranky Saturday morning. A shower helped though, and I put on a nice outfit (pants too big, FTW!!) and took all 3 girls to Lucy’s gymnastics class. We arrived home to Bud and Hub cleaning our carpets and furniture, which was much needed, and he’d committed to cleaning his great aunt’s carpets Saturday as well, so we all went for the ride. The kids always have fun with Aunt Rita, regardless of the fact that she is 90-something. She is a semi-retired nun and still drives and does everything for herself. The kids really get a kick out of her (and I do too). She lives in the city, but still has a decent yard, and all 4 kids had such a great time running around while Hub cleaned.

We had a campfire in the yard Saturday night, probably our last of the year, and cooked hamburgers and marshmallows over it much to the enjoyment of the kiddos. It was an early night for Liv and Lucy though, Liv who had no nap, and Lucy who had a stomach ache. Lucy and I snuggled on the couch watching Fred: The Movie (OMG OMG) while Liv fell asleep.

I did a lot of work in the basement on Sunday, the intent being to get started on my Fall and Winter eBay items, but I ended up getting distracted by the volume of clothes I found for Liv down there. I had blindly assumed that 1 of the 3 bankers boxes was just the winter coat and snow pants. Oh. I was wrong. The boxes were jam packed full of clothes and I had also thrown some new items in that I picked up on clearance last year. AND THEN! There was another whole box of clothing that I somehow overlooked. So. Four bankers boxes. Jam Packed. Many clothes. Let’s not forget that she also got about 15 new outfits for her birthday in July. Oh yes. She did. I did pretty well with fitting it in her drawers though, and I got to be picky about what I kept. Those jeans with the weird bunchy waist? GONE. Any of those 1 piece rompers that seem so cute, but are really a pain in the ass (especially since she’s potty trained)? GONE. She has a fully stocked dresser now though. We are both pleased.

Hub had taken Liv and Bud to BJ’s while I was doing this, and Lucy stayed with me because she wanted to paint, so she was doing her thing while I was doing mine, and after some time, I realized that I hadn’t seen her in a while. I called through the house and outside for her to no answer. I started panicking for a second, but then decided to look instead of call. She was not in the playhouse, or on the swings or in the garage. She wasn’t in FIL’s room or the kitchen. I had quickly looked in her bedroom and I didn’t see her, but on second look, there she was, curled up sound asleep in her bed, under blankets and stuffed animals, just the coziest of cozy. I asked her when she woke up, how come she laid down and she told me it was because she was just so tired.

She’s had a long few weeks with the kindergarten transition. She went from 2 days a week in pre-school, getting up at her leisure, to being up and going from 6:30am until 7:30/8:00pm every day. Poor pumpkin.

We did all sleep in until about 9 Sunday morning though, and it was nice. I thought it was earlier, because my clock is usually 15-20 minutes ahead, (I know that is just so screwed up, but whatever) but do-gooder Bud had gone ahead and fixed it for me. My clock is now right on time! What a great kid! (eye-roll) Aaaanyway, Lucy was the only one who napped, but we did have a nice relaxing Sunday, complete with Belgian waffles for brunch and my famous sweet and sour chicken for dinner. The kids all went to bed early and Hub and I folded laundry while watching the season finale of Castle.

I’m looking forward to getting my eBay stuff up this week. I’ve got some things organized and ready to go. Let’s just hope new TV doesn’t get in my way.

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  1. Clean carpets and furniture – nice!I had to laugh about the clock. I have a clock that projects the time onto my bedroom ceiling AND on the face of the clock – both have to be set individually. So, the projecting part is 11 minutes ahead and the face part (which also has the alarm) is the correct time. The power went out and Homer reset it for me, except it was the opposite (projecting time was correct). I was so screwed up until I finally figured out what happened!

  2. i love clean carpets . . . they never last in our house though!I laughed about the clock too – I keep all my clocks 15 minutes ahead which really flips people out when they ride in my car

  3. I didn't even look at my eBay stuff. Do you suppose there is an eBay fairy who will come do it for us?

  4. OMG: my clock is also 15 mins fast! Weird 🙂 Love ya, and thanks for your awesomely supportive note. Paprika xxx

  5. Um, I think it's kind of adorable that Bud tried to fix your clock for you. But also he might need a lesson about asking first because he might try to fix something that's not actually broken in a way that can't be undone someday. But still, adorable!


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