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Today I saw a tiny baby while we were at Tae Kwon Do, maybe 2 or 3 months old. Just alert enough to be smiling, still round and roly poly with the soft tufts of baby hair. Snuggly and just loving her mama.

I didn't only get a twinge today. I got a huge lump in my throat and my eyes filled with tears at the prospect of never having that again. My own gurgly, drooly snuggly baby.

Today I realized that I do, in fact, want another baby.

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  1. Oh dear. What does your husband think of this?

  2. I am wondering if/when I'll feel this again, even though I know 99.9% for sure this is our last one.

  3. I'm very happy to send you my drooly, snuggly baby. He's a flirt and enjoys sharing the love!

  4. Is that not the most awesome and awful feeling in the whole world? I really didn't think I'd want more and now it's breaking my heart whenever I think of it that we decided not to have more. It's probably only this bad BECAUSE we decided no more! Good luck figuring this one out – I never realized how tough this would be

  5. Such a tough thing…deciding when this phase of life is over for us.

  6. Uh oh. I can't tell if this is good or bad. Is your hubby done?

  7. I'm thinking this feeling might hit me once my baby girl turns one. Even though we're done. Eep.


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