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Autumn Through the Years

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Every October since 2005, I’ve taken my kids’ photo at the same spot in Letchworth State Park. I really enjoy going back year after year and seeing how the kids have grown. I hope it will be a tradition we continue for years to come.

Can you believe how they’ve grown? I can’t.




2008 (aka the year the kids dropped Liv)

2009 (the year where nobody sat still)


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  1. Aww, yay! They are so adorable and giant! Must pick a place to do similar photos for our family.

  2. Wow, that is great. I love seeing how they've changed each year. Amazing!

  3. I love seeing "through the years" photos. Beautiful! (And I love that staircase.)My grandparents used to line up all the grandchildren from tallest to shortest in front of their fireplace mantle for the yearly photo.

  4. oh, no. no way. i love you and them to death, but seriously? hannah! slow down with the growing up stuff!and our bud looks like a kid. diva liv just cannot get cuter. man i miss those days sometimes (minus all the work part, of course).promise me when we are old and senile (well, when i am older and more senile) we can still get photos of them as adults with their own families. i love living this all over again!


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