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My am I feeling stabby today. This is likely due in part to breaking my toe this morning. No, I haven’t seen a doctor. It is the exact toe I broke about 12 years ago though, the one that never really healed, and the one that I felt crumple and spread as I jammed it full force in to the new red chest we have sitting (not in its rightful place) in our living room while I was on my way to stranglescold Lucy for fighting with her sister over a GD flashlight while Hub was trying to get some sleep after a long string of overnights. I have it taped. I feel a bit better. No kindergarteners stomped on my foot while I volunteered in Lucy’s room today. (Side note: her teacher needs a RAISE)

So yeah, stabby. And I thought that in the interest of not being perceived as a nag by my husband/kids/co-workers, I’d make a list of things that are bugging the crap out of me but that I never say anything about in the interest of keeping peace or choosing battles. Here are my top annoyances as of late:

1. Dishes and laundry: If Hub washes the dishes or folds the laundry, I always put them away. If I wash the dishes or fold the laundry, I always put them away. (I have started singing “All I want for Christmas is a dish-wash-er”.)
2. Nobody in this entire house knows how to rinse out a cereal bowl, or close and put away a cereal box.
3. Similarly, nobody seems to know how to rinse a milk cup.
4. Liv will not go to bed unless it is after 10 and the other kids are sleeping. I can’t seem to change this, hard as I try. I am getting NO time to myself after the kids go to bed. And she STILL wakes up 2 times a night.
5. Our cat is so fat that he can’t clean his own ass, so he’s dragging it across my carpet.
6. I’m tired of bathing said cat.
7. And of the fact that since he’s “my cat” it is my job to clean up his ass streaks. Never mind that Hub is a CARPET CLEANER.
8. I have a good friend who pronounces “never mind” as “nether mind”
9. FIL is constantly sneaking Liv crackers and raisins and other things. I never know if she is full at meal time for real because of snacking, or if she’s faking it because she’s 2.
10. My mother chimes in her 2 cents on ever single family member’s every single Facebook update. Like she is this all knowing and all caring person. She is not. Either.

Well, now I feel better. I could go on and on here, but I don’t want to get all worked up. What little things are making you stabby?

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  1. WOOBOY I could take up your whole comment page, but I won't. Here goes:1. Twitter and Facebook "friends" who are judgmental. No matter what I tweet or what status update I put, there are those who have to open their mouths ALL THE DAMN time, and it's a)never helpful and b)just so they can "show off" as better/smarter/GD nosy.2. My husband's inability to get his ass home from work so that we aren't eating dinner 10 minutes before the kids' bedtime. Really, he's not saving the world so why can't it wait until 7:30 the next day. A 10 hour workday is plenty, thank you very much.3. My kids' inability to put ANYTHING away. Books are on the floor, tissues all over their rooms, clean and dirty clothes everywhere. I am NOT a maid. Ok, I am done ranting. Please pardon my need to go anonymous on you. 🙂

  2. Ooh, number seven would piss me off. Are they also "your kids" when they do something bad? Grrrrr.

  3. I think I purged most of my rant commenting on Devan's rant. Heh. Right now I'm annoyed because my Kindle is FINALLY here, but I can't download any blessed books on it yet since I don't know the password into our #@$% wi-fi. AND if DH emails me back and tells me he can't remember it, I will go all Fatal Attraction on him!

  4. My bathroom has been under renovation for over a year. The floor, tub and toilet were done ages ago, but we still have no vanity (I'm going to attempt to build something myself this weekend) and the walls and ceiling still need to be done (Homer insists he can do it… AND YET!)No one in my house can rinse a cereal bowl either.

  5. Family who NEVER reciprocates thoughtfulness, asks about my kids, or generally acts like they CARE about us in general.

  6. I'm all stabby today too. It was like this cluster of stabby stuff all together: stuff on Twitter, anonymous comments on other people's blogs, anonymous self-righteous comment on my blog, mean comments that had nothing to do with me but still made me feel defensive for the person being attacked, and then various kid stuff and husband stuff and I think it's probably time for The Snip and it's making me feel crazy and suffocated and ack. I feel like I need to pack a bag and start driving. I'll pick you up, okay? Bring chips if you have any.


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