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30 Days of Blogging-Day 6- A Fun Fact About Me

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I could probably regale you with several small fun facts about myself. What I should actually do one of these days is an update to my 100 facts about me list, that I wrote when I was, I think, 28. I wonder what is the same? What is different? I can assure you that I still hate my grey hair. A lot.

I don’t know though. I don’t really have anything that would constitute a big reveal here, so I guess I will just give you a few fun-ish things.

• My high school show choir was on CNN because we performed when the space shuttle Endeavor connected with our school because one of its astronauts was a former student.
• I cried like a baby when Lu got all her hair cut off yesterday, but she loves it, and so do I.
• I am fully aware that I skipped day 5 of this challenge, and it’s because quoting people is just not my thing. What sounds eloquent coming out of your mouth, sounds douchey coming out of mine.
• Working from home has been everything I expected and not at all what I expected, both at the same time.
• Hub and I have never hired a babysitter; FIL has just always done it. We realized that if we ever want to go out again, we’re going to have to find a good babysitter. And pay them.
• Hub and I have collectively decided that I am going off of the pill. And no, he is still not interested in the snip. Neither of us is interested in the side effects of the pill anymore, only one of us is not interested in having any more babies. So…there’s that.

And there you have it, that’s about as fun as I get these days.

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  1. OoooOOooo, these are good. I want to know more about how working from home is different than you expected.And…not using bc of any sort is a good way to have babies, not avoid them. So. Yay babies! 😉

  2. You were in a show choir! Like Glee? Were there cheerleaders and football players in yours?

  3. LoriD- not exactly like Glee–definitely not as trendy and without costumes. We wore black twirly skirts and tuxedo shirts.But there were both football players and cheerleaders, and nobody got slushied.

  4. I am—as you would expect—VERY INTERESTED in the birth control turn of events. VERY INTERESTED.

  5. Swistle took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. Yeah, what Swistle said.Also? I love this: What sounds eloquent coming out of your mouth sounds douchey coming from mine.

  7. Hey, I was in Swing Choir! We were the group that did not have flashy costumes (girls wore these simple red dresses, guys wore jackets and ties), but we always sounded pretty good. Cheerleaders and football players, yes. Slushies, no. BTW: Swistle and Saly and Company–we've been pill free for over three years now–and NO "oops." I am surprised at how well it's going (oh goodness–the shoe will probably drop next month, right?). I am so happy to not be on hormones (although, I've noticed a LOT more annoying acne lately).

  8. Would love to see Lucy's hair!


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