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30 Days of Blogging-Day 10-A picture of me more than 10 years old

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Apparently, I thought it was supercool to have orange hair. This color was achieved with blonde hair dye in my very very dark brown hair. This is me at my prom in 1996:

Here I am in 1993, being a very appropriate 14-year-old

And this is me when Hub and I got engaged, 8/14/00, in Frontier Town at Cedar Point. I know– worst posture EVAR in that one…

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  1. You got engaged at Cedar Point? How cool is that?!Love the pics!

  2. I had no idea you were from the Cleveland area! I used to live at Cedar Point when I was growing up!Also, how adorable are you?! TOTALLY adorable, that's how.

  3. I used to sport that same shade of orange hair. Mine was accomplished through the generous application of Sun In every day at the pool. So lovely!

  4. You are ADORABLE! I was never that cute as a kid.

  5. It's so fun seeing you in your younger years. I love that you got engaged in Cedar Point. And it kills me that you've been there…so close to me…and yet we've never met.


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