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Friday Free for All

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• Last week on a conference call, it was alluded to that there would be travel in my very near future. Yesterday it was confirmed, and I will be spending the entire 1st week in May in sunny California in our office that is about 30 minutes outside of LA. Despite the fact that I will be missing Hub’s birthday, my mother’s birthday and Muffins with Mom at school (plus the big TAP vote for next year’s board), I am very very excited. It is entirely possible that I will be locked in a room (in what we call “Summit”) from 8am-9pm for a few days but I don’t even care. A bed to myself. A whole room to myself! For 5 nights! I’m not much looking forward to like 9 hours of flying each way, but I think I will be ok! (Send me your book recommendations so I can loan my Kindle!!) The plan right now is to arrive early on Sunday afternoon, so I can be sure to see Hollywood with my work girls before we go our separate ways during the week. AAH!! I am excited!
• But unlike my regular work day routine, there will be daily showers and getting ready instead of pony tails and sweats. I also feel like CA Saly has to look better than NY Saly. Maybe I’ll actually do my hair and wear some make-up. Maybe I can lose 50lbs in 2 weeks.
• My usual mother’s day plan of spending the day alone while Hub takes the kids away is likely out the window though. I couldn’t possibly tell him to take them away after being gone for a whole week. (Could I?)
• I am on vacation next week and with the exception of Tuesday, the kids will be gone the whole time, either with my mom or at daycare/camp. Hub and I need to get this house in order—scrubbed, de-cluttered, all of it. I’m not exactly sure how that is going to go with a puppy underfoot, but we do have high hopes. I have no idea how this happens—the filth build up. I feel like we are constantly cleaning. Ugh.
• We also have plans of making and laminating weekly chore charts that we can use dry erase markers to check off. Seriously. But it is true; things go much better when we have a schedule to follow. And the kids like to know up front what they have to do every day rather than me barking that their laundry will not fold and put itself away and those trash cans will not empty themselves!
• Hub is going to get the puppy Sunday morning. I am not going because I am putting together a little birthday party here for Niece. OF COURSE I AM!!
• Squee!! 2 days ‘til puppy time!!

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  1. OOoo, you could take before and after shots of your cleaning progress and then show us and we will be all "YEAH! You rock! I love what you've done!" And that would be fun. :)Also, you are a great auntie. She will always remember that.Also, SQUEE PUPPY! Yay!

  2. YAY for a trip! YAY for puppy day!

  3. YES, I second the idea of doing before-and-afters! Those are so fun to see!OMG imagine how QUIET your room will be! And even if there were loud people in the next room or hallway, they wouldn't be asking you any questions or needing anything from you!

  4. You're coming to California at JUST the right time! It's gorgeous here right now! Have so much fun!


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