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• I took the day off on Friday to give myself a 4 day weekend, and planned on doing work in the basement because there are just boxes of clothes everywhere, but Hub ended up having a work emergency that required me doing some running around for him, so he suggested that I take my mom out for lunch since I would be nearby. I took her to Panera and we had a really nice time. Then, after I dropped her off I stopped at Target, (the closest one to my house that I never go to because I don’t like the neighborhood, AND it is always overrun with Canadians and is super busy) and because they are remodeling to add grocery, EVERYTHING was on sale or on clearance. I spent $100 and got the girls sandals and dresses and a few outfits for Liv, plus several t-shirts for Bud. The best find was a long hippie-esque sundress for Lu, which she loves and wore ALL weekend. $8. They had other styles and I just might go back to see if they’re still there. Then, Hub was working late so I decided to take the kids out for dinner. We just had hotdogs and shakes, but it was a nice time together.
• My girlfriend and I went to the NKOTBSB concert on Saturday, (judge if you must) and because we did just see NKOTB 2 summers back, we decided we were just going to buy the cheap seats and go and have a good time. We knew they were kind of the nose bleeds, but it was quite a surprise when we arrived to find that we were in the 2nd to last row of the entire arena. We were making the best of it when we were approached by a man with an arena name badge and a handful of tickets. He asked if we were alone and when we said we were, he asked if we’d like to move. I was all “HELL YES!” while my friend was making sure it wasn’t a scam. He handed us tickets to move all the way down in the center. We sat in ROW 8. It was freaking amazing. We had a fabulous night, from drinks beforehand to riding the subway there and back. I really needed a night like that.
• We didn’t think we were going to make a ton of progress in the garden this past weekend because it has rained 24/7 for what seems like weeks on end, but Sunday morning looked bright (especially bright in my post concert haze), and we decided to go to our favorite garden center and at least get the flowers for the front of the house. Last year was the first year we even had a flower bed out front, and I never ended up planting anything, so I was excited to get it going. I bought a hydrangea, which I’d been wanting forever and 2 other perennials, plus my mom gave me a gerbera daisy she got. I filled in with some other flowers, and it looks really nice. Next weekend: Veggies!!
• Yesterday we spent the day with Hub’s cousins for a Memorial Day/Birthday party and somehow decided that we are going to do a family camping trip in June. It’s just the kind of thing that I always wanted to do as a kid and I think our kids will really enjoy it. And I’m glad we are close with Hub’s cousins and that we have kids who are the same age to grow up with.

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  1. YAY for close seats and fun parties!

  2. I have always wanted a hydrangea as well. I am thinking I will order when our fence is built next month as they need some shady in the Steamy South.Yay for veggies! Post pictures. I love that sort of thing.So glad for your 'good days'.

  3. I am glad that you have things to celebrate and enjoy. Thinking of you guys. Love, Paprika.

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