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Anatomy of a Garden: Part 1

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I was worried that with the weather forecast for this past weekend as well as the many many things we had going on we would not be able to get the garden planted. It’s was already about a week later than I’d have liked for it to be, so I knew that it was Saturday, or never. I talked Hub in to going to buy the plants on Friday night, as well as 1.5 yards of dirt and compost. He’d already dug to make the garden bigger than it was last year, but we definitely needed dirt. He knew that I’d be planting, rain or shine on Saturday so he, Bud and BIL shoveled all the dirt in at around 10PM Friday night.

This is what it looked like in the morning after about 4 hours of rain:

To keep the plants safe, Bud allowed us to store all of our plants overnight in his clubhouse:

This is how you know it is his clubhouse:
girls drule and stink like a but

Lucy thought it would be a great idea to make some markers for the garden with some of her craft sticks:

Here she is inspecting the plants to make sure we had a stick for everything:

Haley thought it might be fun to dig in the dirt. (I thought not):

Lu took my picture before she decided to go inside because it was too wet and muddy:

I had an idea in my head of how I wanted things to be laid out, but you never really know about these things until you do it. I already have chives in the corner by the fence, so I knew that my onions and garlic should go over there, and I wanted the things that grow tall along the back of the fence. The rest was kind of a crapshoot, but I laid it out as best as I could before I started digging.

When I was about halfway done, I acquired a very cute blonde helper. Who wore her winter boots. Because she did not want muddy toes.

Finally, everything was in the ground! Aren’t Lucy’s markers a nice touch?

The girls and I went to a baptism yesterday morning, and then I took Lucy to a birthday party. I came home to find the edges complete, and a nice dog-blocking fence. Yay for Hub! (now he just needs to work on the rest of the mud pityard)

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  1. Oh, I love it. You guys did a great job! I think the markers are the best touch. And the fence is adorable. Will it get in the way when you have to weed?And someone needs to remind Mr. Bud that his beloved mama is a girl. 😉

  2. Misty- the fence is in sections, so I can just easily yoink a piece up to weed.

  3. It looks wonderful, it's so cathartic to get stuck into the earth. I hope that you're feeling good babe. Hugs, Paprika.

  4. "Yoink"…is that a technical gardening term? Sorry had to ask, that cracked me up when I read the comment. I love the garden. It turned out nicely!


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